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Justice for Zorra, Perpetrator Found


The news broke on Thursday October 3rd after Wanda Ferrari’s car was broken into and stolen with her disabled dog Zorra inside. The thief or thieves, instead of setting the dog free, took Zorra with them and the results were tragic. Zorra was found dead on Tuesday inside the abandoned car. An outraged community is no demanding justice for Zorra. 

Wanda had raised Zorra since she was a puppy and Zorra was her faithful companion through her first bout of breast cancer. The cancer has since returned but this time Wanda will have to fight it without Zorra’s support, making this tragedy all the more devastating.

Reward Offered

This tragic crime has outraged the community and a post on NextDoor by Barbara Byron a resident of Oakland Park reads “Now We Fight. Zorra Reward Re-Post”. 

100+ Abandoned Dogs of the Everglades offered a $3000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. Last night Amy Roman, found of the organization received two calls that led to the arrest of Jeanfrancois Jephthe, a career criminal with 14 pending trial dates, and 1 pending sentence hearing. 

Perpetrator Found

In a Facebook live video on the organization’s page, Roman says that now that he has been caught, it is important to stay focused on the next part, which is making sure he pays for what he did and that there is justice for Zorra.

Justice “… is up to the authorities… and it is up to the voice of the community to make sure that justice is served… stay angry, pull together for Zorra, we need to be her voice…”. 

~Amy Roman, Found 100+ Abandoned Dogs of the Everglades

Surveillance video shows the moment Zorra is taken by Jeanfrancois Jephthe.

Memorial for Zorra

Roman is also organizing a memorial in order to honor Zorra and help her mother Wanda bring closure. As soon as more information becomes available about the Memorial we will post it for all those that would like to attend or show their support to do so. 


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  1. I completely agree! We all need to make our voices heard, so justice is properly served and this scum isn’t back on the street yet again to commit another heinous crime! Rest In Peace sweet angel Zorra 😞

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