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Oaklyn Adds New Flavors to Oakland Park’s Gastronomic Landscape



Oaklyn, a dynamic mixed-use community in Oakland Park, Florida, promises to excite food enthusiasts with its enticing lineup of new dining experiences. Developed by Newrock Partners, a premier real estate development firm dedicated to crafting extraordinary communities, Oaklyn has recently unveiled exciting additions to its gastronomic scene.

Nestled at 3333 North Federal Highway, Oaklyn boasts 274 luxury apartment residences and over 19,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space. Among these offerings, several restaurants stand out as pioneering additions to the burgeoning community, poised to capture the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

Bondi Sushi

Positioned to be a must-visit spot for sushi aficionados in Oakland Park, Bondi Sushi will feature a cutting-edge indoor/outdoor design, placing its iconic sushi bar at the heart of its layout. Additionally, a sophisticated Japanese-style cocktail bar will serve up bespoke handcrafted drinks and delicacies. Notably, the debut of Bondi Sushi in Oaklyn introduces its latest concept, Icebergs, offering an array of Japanese-inspired treats, ice cream, rice cake desserts, sodas, candies, and specialty beverages.

We’re excited to bring Bondi Sushi to Oaklyn, showcasing not only their exceptional sushi creations but also unveiling their innovative concept tailored specifically for our community,” said Josh Deitchman, Principal at Newrock Partners. “The fusion of the brand’s culinary expertise with the introduction of Icebergs underscores our commitment to delivering diverse and enriching offerings that Oakland Park has yet to experience.”


Imperial Moto Café

Imperial Moto Café, renowned among motorcycle enthusiasts and coffee connoisseurs, introduces its vintage-meets-modern ambiance to Oaklyn in a 1,500-square-foot space. Offering a refined coffee experience with a focus on sourcing from farm to cup, along with a curated selection of themed merchandise, patrons can anticipate indulging in exceptional brews and delightful treats.

This establishment embodies Oaklyn’s ethos as a nexus of innovation and culture, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among residents and visitors alike. As Imperial Moto Café joins the Oaklyn scene, it promises not only a unique experience but also the creation of a beloved gathering spot for coffee lovers.

La Birra Bar

La Birra Bar (Burgers) has earned a reputation for gourmet burger excellence paired with an unmatched selection of craft beers. Its expansion into Oaklyn’s 2,500-square-foot space marks a significant milestone as its second U.S. location. With roots in Argentina and 16 establishments across Latin America and Europe, La Birra Bar is celebrated for its mouthwatering creations that delight burger enthusiasts.

“La Birra Bar perfectly aligns with our vision for Oaklyn, reinforcing our commitment to provide exceptional dining options and experiences for residents and the surrounding community,” completed Deitchman.

The addition of these three new gastronomic establishments at Oaklyn highlights the pivotal role of entrepreneurship in Oakland Park’s development. These innovative ventures not only enrich the culinary scene but also boost the area’s vibrancy and economic growth. They exemplify the thriving entrepreneurial spirit in Oakland Park, fostering creativity, diversity, and opportunity for residents and visitors. With each new addition, the city cements its status as a hub for innovation, ensuring sustained prosperity and success in the years ahead.



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