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The Passion and Patience Behind SoFlo Animal Rescue


In the wake of the terrible tragedy surrounding Zorra, the disabled Alaskan Husky that was killed when her owner’s car was stolen, our community can find comfort in the fact that for every horrible person like the one who took Zorra, there are two wonderful people out there who have dedicated their lives to saving animals.

Residents of Oakland Park, Krystal and Gerald Thomas are a young couple who complement each other perfectly. Krystal is the fire behind saving the animals and Gerald is Krystal’s balance and her rock, supporting her every step of the way. While Krystal is off saving animals, Gerald balances the books in order to make sure that their non-profit, SoFlo Animal Rescue, can not only continue its mission, but grow and help more and more animals. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Krystal is the passion and Gerald is the patience.

Krystal dedicates her life to saving the animals.

A Family Tradition

Krystal’s passion for animal rescue was ingrained in her by her grandparents who often saved strays and abused animals from the streets in Jamaica. Growing up in NY, Krystal would rescue animals from the MTA where she worked and find them new homes. When she moved to Florida seven years ago, she started to volunteer at different rescues and that is when she perceived the need for a new type of animal clinic. 

The Low Cost Mobile Animal Clinic

Krystal realized that animals everywhere in South Florida needed help. So she and Gerald decided to innovate animal rescue by founding a low cost mobile animal clinic to help animals throughout South Florida. Without any funding for this new clinic, it was Gerald’s frugal ways and impeccable bookkeeping that allowed them to purchase a 30 foot travel trailer, getting them one step closer to opening the mobile clinic. 

The travel trailer became Gerald and Krystal’s mobile clinic.

When the Humane Society heard about their volunteer’s plans for a mobile clinic they donated surgery tables and Saving Sage animal rescue donated stainless steel cages. They are currently having an anesthesia machine built by Bryce Medical, but still need donations in order to complete the work. 

Donations, along with Krystal and Gerald’s efforts, keep the project alive, but help is still needed.

SoFlo Animal Rescue will be working with relief veterinarians from the humane society and other local animal hospitals. They will be able to offer the  same quality care but on wheels and at a lower cost.

When the mobile clinic is up and running they will be helping pet owners from from West Palm Beach to the Florida Keys by staying in each city 3 weeks at a time so that as many people as possible can benefit from their services. 

SoFlo Animal Rescue Pop-Ups 

While their mobile animal clinic is being built, Krystal and Gerald have set up pop-up pet adoption clinics in PetSmart stores and Pet Supermarkets on Saturdays. 

We have many dogs that need a second chance at love again. We spend numerous hours, days and weeks recuperating these animals so we can gain  their trust once again and find them loving homes. No dog or cat should have to be homeless, or never know what love feels like. Let’s work together to save each paw at a time.
                                                                                                ~Krystal Thomas

Fluffy is a 5 years old Yorkshire Terrier that was found as a stray that was hit by a car. He still needs a home.

SoFlo Animal Rescue Documents the Struggle of Founding a Non-Profit

Krystal and Gerald are also working on a documentary. The documentary will show the work behind the scenes at the Humane Society and Broward County Animal Care as well as their story of starting up a rescue.

“No one truly gets to see al the hardwork behind the scenes and why we ask for donations and what goes towards. We want to spread the importance and educate people on why they should spay and neuter and why the should adopt”.
                                                                                                ~Krystal Thomas

Helping the SoFlo Animal Rescue Mission

The task that Krystal and Gerald have set before them is large by their own recognition but they are determined to succeed.  With your help they can fulfill their mission even more quickly.

First and foremost they are in need of funding to help them finish the mobile clinic, pay for the care of the many rescues they take in and to secure a physical location. Click here to donate. Every little bit helps. 

They are also in need of pet parents that are willing to give animals a loving home and volunteers to help with all aspects of their mission. To help with adoptions or volunteering contact Krystal at 754-715-7763 or by email sofloanimalrescue@gmail.com.

SoFlo Animal Rescue Mission Statement

We are a tax exempt 501(C)(3) no-kill prevention based foster home animal rescue that survives completely on the donations from the community and fundraising events. We take in abused, abandoned, and neglected animals throughout South Florida. We rescue dogs and cats from high kill shelters, rehabilitate them and place them in a foster home until they are adopted. The services we offer are FIV testing, heartworm testing, flea and tick prevention, low cost medication, low cost spay/neuter surgeries, low cost dental cleaning, low cost heartworm treatment, nail trimming, low cost vaccines, ear cleaning, and low-cost soft tissue skin removal surgeries. One of our many goals is to address the overpopulation of feral and stray cats in South Florida. We will be a part of TNR and RTF services. Please help us help them. All proceeds go toward helping the animals and supporting the cost of our daily operations.


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