Restoring Vitality: A Refreshing Approach to Total Body Healing

Have you ever felt like a trip to the medical doctor is a frustrating cycle of symptom masking prescription medicine with countless side effects? Integrative health practitioner and functional wellness coach Sidney Jackett felt that same frustration with allopathic medicine. She brought her refreshing total body healing practice, Restoring Vitality, to Fort Lauderdale on March […]

Rehaus Vintage Furniture Store: Local, Sustainable, and Eclectic

Saavy, web graphic designer Kelsey Curran fell into her vintage furniture business by accident. After purchasing her home in Andrews Gardens in 2016, Kelsey frequently purchased and switched out furniture pieces from Ikea, thrift and antique stores as a hobby. Quickly, she sold her recycled pieces to free up space for her revolving furniture purchases. […]

GrandMasters Piano, A Timeless Art, Here To Stay

Piano businesses are sadly a rarity in our computer driven world. In the early 20th century, before the dawn of computer technology and social media fever, pianos were a hot commodity, with over 364,000 sold in 1909 in the United States.  Today, only 30-40,000 pianos are sold a year, a decline linked primarily to time […]

Doula Martha Lerner: Empowering Women Through Their Childbirth Experience

Most women are understandably terrified of one of life’s biggest events: Childbirth. For Martha Lerner, Miami native, certified birth doula and self-described “birth nerd”, the study of childbirth was something in which she was always interested and about which she was always passionate.  From an early age, she regularly took birth classes and studied breastfeeding […]

Bitz and Buttons: A Nostalgic Delight in Broward County

If you cried like me when toy stores like Toys R Us and Kiddie City closed their doors years ago, you need to visit Bitz and Buttons toy store, ASAP! “Creating memories one toy at a time” is the slogan of the kitschy, sentimental brick and mortar toy store, and these words are glaringly true. […]

Method Health Heals Patients Through Wellness Focused Care

Ben Franklin astutely said, “He is the best physician that knows the worthlessness of the most medicines“. Have you visited your medical doctor recently and felt hurriedly shuffled from waiting room to exam room? Typically you experience a 5 minute interface with your doctor or PA, only to leave with a symptom chasing prescription drug? […]

Larry Greenberg: Mentalist, Magician and Entertainer

“A little magic can take you a long way”, the beloved children’s author Roald Dahl once stated. Renowned magicians nurture our imagination, curiosity and interest by tapping into the supernatural with unimaginable tricks. We admire the magician’s seemingly effortless sleight of hand, quick witted card, dollar bill, lottery ticket tricks and optical illusions. Many of […]

Cross Stitch Cupboard: Embroidery Art in Oakland Park

Cross stitching and needlepointing are under appreciated and rewarding ways to escape reality and to brighten one’s home decor repertoire. It happens to be the oldest form of embroidery and people all over the world love to cross stitch. Right here in Oakland Park we have a store dedicated to cross stitching.  Nestled in the […]

Sarah Glass Ceramics: Be A Pottery Artist for a Day or More!

Do you remember the sensual, iconic pottery wheel scene with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in the 1990 movie Ghost? Moore plays Molly, a pottery artist and longtime girlfriend of Sam, played by Swayze, who is murdered as he discovers a drug money laundering scheme conceived by Sam’s nefarious boss Willy Lopez. Real life pottery […]

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