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Nauti By Nature: Transforming Oyster Shells into Art


In 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people found time to embrace their passions and showcase their talents. It was during this time that one local teacher, Alexandra Vitale, started Nauti by Nature Design, an innovative venture that involves creating hand-crafted beauty from discarded oyster shells.

Originating as a birthday gift idea for a sister, Vitale’s creative vision quickly evolved into a passion for repurposing oyster shells into exquisite pieces of art. From trinket dishes and ornaments to bottle stoppers and custom-designed masterpieces, Nauti by Nature Design transforms what would otherwise be considered waste into remarkable works of art.

From a Birthday Idea to a Successful Business

The idea began after Alexandra saw the idea of creating oyster art online. She wanted to make a birthday gift for her sister, so she bought 100 cleaned oyster shells on Etsy and got to work. She used every piece, gifting them to family and friends who encouraged her to take her ideas further.

Shortly after, she participated in her first pop-up market and gifted escort cards to her friend for a wedding, gaining even more popularity for her craft. With a basic setup, Nauti by Nature began to gain traction and a growing audience on Instagram.

Today, Alexandra attributes her success to her family, who have been her number one supporters, as well as the outpour of support from the local community, remarking, “The support has been unbelievable. It is a special community to be a part of.”

Embracing Sustainability and Creativity

Nauti by Nature Design upcycles oyster shells sourced from a local Fort Lauderdale restaurant. Thorough cleaning processes, involving meticulous bleaching and scrubbing, allow Alexandra to transform discarded shells that would otherwise end up in the trash into canvases for artistic expression. She explains, “Upcycling shells and using them for art reduces waste and what goes into our landfills.”

Alexandra not only repurposes waste into art, but she also envisions potential collaborations with water restoration programs for positive environmental impact, stating, “Oysters are great for water waste, and each oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day.”

Artistry in Every Shell

As a teacher with a passion for art, Nauti by Nature Design allows Alexandra to have a creative outlet where she can enjoy doing art and expressing her art in the way that she wants to.

Her love for art shines through in the crafting of painted trinket dishes, custom wedding escort cards written with her own calligraphy, which are cherished by couples seeking personalized touches for their special day, as well as stunning ornaments that can add a unique charm to the Christmas tree.

Beyond these fan-favorites, her new $30 bottle stoppers have emerged as a popular choice, appreciated for their year-round utility and appeal as thoughtful gifts. Each piece is striking in appearance and purposeful in its intended use.

A Commitment to Giving Back

Even preparing for the holiday rush and managing custom orders, Nauti by Nature remains dedicated to supporting local causes. In a recent partnership with HOPE (Helping Our People Every Day), she is creating 150 ornaments for the organization. Thankful to be recognized, Alexandra says, “I was thrilled when I was asked to do it; I jumped on it right away! It feels nice to be involved in an organization that is helping others.”

Meet Nauti by Nature at Local Markets or Order Online

Look for Nauti by Nature’s products in at your local marketsor purchase her products on Nauti by Nature’s website. For inquiries on custom designs or to explore the captivating collection, reach out at nautibynaturedesign@gmail.com or visit www.nautibynature.com.


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