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Hi Olivia! So I have a neighbor whose dogs bark at all hours of the night. What options do I have? I’ve asked the owner to try and control the dogs, but he keeps them out in the backyard all night. Any little noise or movement and they start barking! – Bow Wow Blues


Hi Virginia,

First, let me say I’m really sorry you’re going through this. There’s enough stress right now with a pandemic and this summer heat in April for you to deal with dogs that don’t have any volume control.

I commend you for being a responsible neighbor and trying to talk with your neighbor about this and solve it that way first. I would also suggest letting your neighbor know about noise ordinances in Oakland Park and those can be found on the Oakland Park website very easily. I would again ask the neighbor to please be aware of the sound and the volume that is coming from their space and how it affects your life.

If that does not work I would call Oakland Park Code Enforcement and get the police involved. They would actually come out and put a notice on the door, and your neighbor would have to appear in court regarding the issue.

But before you go that route please build your case. If you can record the dogs barking and the time that they are doing it that will help back you up quite a bit. I would also speak to other neighbors to see if they are having the same problem.

I hope everything works out. Don’t forget to let us know how the Bow Wow Blues play out in your little corner of Oakland Park.

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