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New Horizons: Exciting Developments and Updates on City Projects


The City of Oakland Park’s ten-year plan to develop and renovate several facilities has made substantial progress over the last six months, promising significant improvements to the city’s infrastructure and services. These projects, including the Public Works Complex, Fire Stations 20, 87, and 9 renovations, and NE 6th Ave Drainage Infrastructure Improvements, aim to enhance the safety, efficiency, and overall well-being of the community as the city prepares for its centennial in 2029.

Public Works Complex

The City of Oakland Park is making impressive progress on its new Public Works complex at 5100 NE 12th Terrace. In November, construction focused on structural work and installation of utilities, and was funded by various sources including the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

By January, notable advancements included the completion of the on-site drainage system and glazing of the Operations Building, with current ongoing work involving making HVAC, electrical, and interior finishes.

This $26.5 million investment will consolidate various city services into one building, allowing for operations to relocate and free up land for further development in City Park. The new complex will contain the City’s water, wastewater, stormwater, solid waste, streets, parks maintenance, facilities, and fleet services divisions.

Fire Station 20

In December, the Amended and Restated Development Agreement for the Development of New Fire Station 20 was released. The existing fire station, which is located at 4721 Powerline Rd, was constructed in the 60s as a volunteer fire station. The proposal suggests moving it to 880 W. Prospect Rd, less than half a mile from its current location. The proposed building will be more than twice the square footage of the existing one. The amended proposal increases the facility from a proposed six floors to eight.

According to the Fire Station 20 Presentation from December, the next steps going forward are pending the City Commission’s Approval and Approval of Requisite Variances for the addition of two floors.

Fire Station 87

Fire Station 87 at 2100 NW 39th Street has also undergone improvements in the last few months. Building contractors have already completed the necessary roof repair and installed new doors on the truck bay. New windows and doors are currently being installed throughout the building. The station will also feature a new generator enclosure.

Funding for this project comes partially from the City’s “Building our 2nd Century” bond program, endorsed by 67% of voters in 2018. Additionally, the City has secured various grants, including a hazard mitigation grant of $450,000 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and a Community Development Block Grant of $383,744 from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which will contribute to further improvements.

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Fire Station 9

One of the new projects involves Fire Station 9 which will serve as the central hub for Oakland Park’s Fire Rescue operations. Fire Station 9, which is located at the corner of NE 6th Avenue and Park Lane East (NE 38th St), is approximately 90% complete.

In October, the roofing membrane installation was finished, and the metal panels have been affixed to the south entrance of the main building. Within the Fire Station, contractors laid epoxy flooring in the bathrooms, set up the ceiling grid, and completed the drywall work.

They have finished installing the stairs in the lobby and are in the process of finalizing the interior flooring and painting. Outside, the contractors are currently working on outdoor irrigation and landscaping. On the inside, their current tasks include installing the building’s elevators and connecting the station to the drainage infrastructure along NE 6th Avenue, which is undergoing its own improvements.

NE 6th Ave Drainage Infrastructure Improvements

Using funds from the Broward County Mobility Advancement Program (MAP) through the “Penny for Transportation” sales tax, drainage improvements are beginning soon on NE 6th Ave in the area between NE 38th St and Commercial Blvd.

The improvements include installing new pipes as well as underground infrastructure. These changes are going to reduce flooding in the area. In a spot where residents and businesses regularly report flooding, the improvements are highly anticipated.

Construction on the 6th Ave drainage infrastructure was scheduled to begin on February 27th and is expected to be finished by July. You may see flagmen on-site to aid in safe traffic flow in the area.

Renovating Collins Community Center

In one of the most recent updates announced by the City, Oakland Park has secured a $2 million grant from FloridaCommerce for the renovation of the Collins Community Center at 3900 NE 3rd Avenue.

This grant aims to improve the center’s facilities, particularly for the city’s lower-income residents. Plans include setting up a technology hub and relocating the Ethel M. Gordon Oakland Park library temporarily during renovations.

In collaboration with FloridaCommerce, the City will manage and carry out the project, aligning with broader statewide efforts to enhance access to crucial services like education, job training, and internet access for underserved communities.

Stay Up to Date With the Latest City Projects

Many positive transformations are underway in Oakland Park! You can stay up to date with the city’s latest projects here at Living in Oakland Park or on the City of Oakland Park’s website.


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