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Lacuna Design: Transforming Wood Into Custom Art

The dictionary will define “lacuna” as a noun and it is defined two ways. One definition is a blank space, or a missing part. The other definition is a small cavity or pit in an anatomical structure. Though Lacuna Design Studios’ name was inspired by an Italian rock band from Italy, Lacuna Coil, the name […]

Outside Activities You Can Do with Social Distancing

When the pandemic crisis fell upon most of thought it would be over soon. As we near almost a year since the quarantine began life is far from normal. Despite the fact that life has not resumed its normal course, it does not mean you have to sit idly by waiting for time to pass. […]

Oakland Park Commits to COVID Vaccine Distribution Effort

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 early this year, the entire world has held its breath for a vaccine. After 10 long months, the vaccine has arrived in the United States and now South Florida. According to a Oakland Park Mayor, Jane Bolin, the City of Oakland Park has been invited to participate in the cooperative […]

What Does $15/Hour Minimum Wage Hike Mean for Small Businesses?

2020 has certainly been challenging on most people, but small business owners may be taking some of the hardest punches. The year has been plagued with a pandemic, major political unrest, a recession and debates on handling the pandemic, compensation for people out of work, financial assistance for everyone else, questions about medical care and […]

Shop Locally This Holiday Season with These Artists and Artisans

We’ve all been encouraged to shop locally for years. We know it’s good for boosting community economy. We know it’s typically a more environmentally friendly and sustainable option. We know it’s especially important this year in the wake of COVID-19. What you may not know is that hard work and surviving adversity are written into […]

Love in the Age of COVID-19

As if this year hasn’t been hard enough. Between a worldwide pandemic, a rollercoaster presidential election, and a record breaking hurricane season, you’re still single! The holidays are upon us and it would be nice to start 2021 with someone special. Love in the Age of COVID-19 I’ve had a lot of conversations with single […]

Early Voting During COVID-19: Options, Tips, Homework & Plans

Since nothing in 2020 has been normal, why should voting be any different? Regardless of where you stand on politics, this election will undoubtedly be one of the most important and contested elections in recent history. How do we know? Early voting numbers are up more than 500% compared to this point last year and […]

12 Businesses that Opened During the Pandemic

“In every challenge there is opportunity”. This quote is often attributed to Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister, who stared Nazi Germany in the face and did not stand down until Britain was free. One can only imagine the difficult challenges that lay ahead of him as he sought to defend his country. But even […]

5 Actions to Take When You Feel Overwhelmed

When you are overwhelmed, it can feel like the walls are closing in on you and that you simply won’t be able to get done what you have planned. Feeling this way is certainly a modern condition. We have more to do than ever before and there are not more hours in a day.  It […]

20 Restaurants That Went Out of Business During the Pandemic

When the quarantine was declared earlier this year everyone had to adjust. All of sudden our normal was taken away and we had to learn to do things differently. Eating out, which is something Americans do often, became impossible. We had to re-purpose our lives and many of us, due to Coronavirus concerns, began eating […]

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