5 Tips to Be More Productive While Stuck at Home

When quarantine forced us to stay at home we finally had that endless weekend we always dreamed of. But since we are used to being busy, after a while, it took a little bit of adjustment and I bet some of us were even wishing to get back to work. While being alone with yourself […]

6 Tips You Should Consider When Visiting a Disney Theme Park

As residents of Oakland Park, we’re surrounded by “vacation” options. Before the pandemic, my go-to spot was Orlando. Therefore, I’ve become somewhat of a “self-proclaimed” expert when visiting Disney theme parks. Due to COVID-19 Disney World theme parks closed across the world and some remain closed. However, on July 11th, 2020, Disney World re-opened four […]

5 Tips on How Parents Can Adapt to Online Classes

What are online classes all about? Online classes are classes conducted over the internet. They allow teachers and students to meet online and learn like they would in a normal brick and mortar classroom. Online classes can be either synchronous or asynchronous. Synchronous means that the teacher and students are in the classroom at the […]

First Day of School 2020

The 2020-2021 school year started yesterday. On social media, parents posted their children’s back to school pictures. These back to school pictures were different from others years though. Instead of happy kids sporting their new backpacks in front of school, they were sitting in front of a computer. Yes, thousands of school age children all […]

Leo’s Gourmet Frozen Treats: Ice Cream Flavors Like No Other

Leo’s Gourmet Frozen Treats on North Dixie Highway in Oakland Park is putting a new twist on the idea of an ice cream stand with its alcohol and CBD infused ice cream flavors. Andre Lima and his wife Claudia opened their store front at 4750 North Dixie Highway at the end of 2018. Leo’s Gourmet: […]

Home Pods, Homeschooling, Online Schooling, Oh My!

Home Pod: Have you Ever Heard About It? What is a home pod? Well, it’s a teacher who will come to your home and privately teach their own curriculum, or assist your child in their new online school’s curriculum. Prior to 2020, I do not recall hearing this word. But now there are Facebook groups […]

Summer Vacations During a Pandemic

We’re halfway through the summer of 2020 and, because of the pandemic, this summer season is looking quite different. Schools in FL are ramping up for an on-time start, although the delivery format is still to be confirmed (hybrid, online, in-person), so it feels like these next couple weeks are the last chance at a […]

Uncertainty Continues to Grow Among South Florida Business Owners

Lately, there’s been quite a bit of uncertainty that surrounded South Florida businesses as they struggled to shift into the Phased re-opening plans proposed by their respective city official. Since its initial closure due to the Coronavirus pandemic, South Florida businesses were on track a couple of weeks ago to move into Phase II of […]

Masks Required in Broward County, Even Outdoors

The number of positive COVID-19 cases has been rising exponentially since re-opening. Florida is one of the epicenters of the rise, logging some of the most significant numbers in the country. According to the Florida Department of Health on July 1, 9558 new cases were reported. This was a 31% rise over the day before, […]

Beaches Close for 4th of July Weekend

Since Phase 1 and Phase 2 re-opening the number of positive COVID-19 cases has surged to 146, 341 in the State of Florida, 15,045 or 10.2% of the total number of cases statewide are in Broward County. Cases in Miami-Dade county are more than double those of Broward County, 35,222 or 24% of the total […]

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