Oktoberfest Cancelled for the Second Time Due to COVID-19

Last year, when Oktoberfest and all the others outdoor events were cancelled, Oakland Park residents hunkered down and rode out the COVID storm. They did this in the hopes that in 2021 things would be different.  Earlier this year, when vaccinations were given en masse around the country, many thought that life would finally get […]

Cruising is Back in the U.S.!

On Saturday, June 26, Captain Kate McCue, the first female cruise ship captain in the US, gave the order to cast off the lines and the Celebrity Edge became the first revenue cruise in the United State in over 15 months. Three of us packed a small picnic and some wine to toast her (of […]

JSA Authentication Services: A Business Like No Other

Abdul Kalam once said “Success is when your signature becomes an autograph”. At James Spence Authentication, in Fort Lauderdale, tucked in the warehouse area by Lowe’s Home Improvement off of Oakland Park Blvd and Powerline Road, autographs are the sole focus of this unique business. Authenticating Over 4 Generations For four generations, the Spence family […]

The Hidden Benefit of Small Businesses Enforcing Mask Mandates

Covid fatigue is becoming a thing where we are all simply tired of hearing, worrying, thinking and focusing on the virus that has challenged the world in a way it hasn’t been challenged in over a century. Recently, we passed the 1-year anniversary of the first government responses and shutdowns to combat the pandemic. Vaccine […]

And Finnegan’s Wake Goes On!

If you happened to be at the corner of Oakland Park and Dixie Highway Tuesday evening, you might have noticed a large green crowd gathered around a hearse, and some very interestingly dressed characters. If you were smart enough to stop you would have witnessed the now world famous “Finnegan’s Wake” at Big Dog Station. […]

A Different Way of Looking at the Covid Vaccine

Misinformation will always be an issue we have to contend with in society. How many Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners broke out in heated arguments over politics this past year? Families who came together are divided based on the information they are getting online, on television, from friends and newspapers. Social media sites give us information […]

A Quick Guide to Starting a Small Business in Florida

Small businesses have taken the brunt of the global health crisis. Here in Oakland Park, business owners had to make many adjustments in order to weather these tough times. These include: furloughing workers, establishing an online presence, and investing in safety and hygiene practices. Failing to adapt to the changes brought upon by the pandemic […]

Be Better Than Yesterday at Battlefitted Gym

At a Big Box Gym, a person is “just a number”; a faceless member. Some members pay for the convenience of location, being able to come and go on one’s own time, and perhaps for anonymity. But if a person is looking for more than being an anonymous number and for a workout  experience that is designed specifically for them, then a small gym, like Battlefitted, is the better choice.

City of Oakland Park Shows Exemplary Leadership in Vaccine Distribution

Since the COVID vaccine arrived in the United States, its distribution around the country, has been plagued with problems. Wilton Manors resident, Joseph Fernandez, shared his experience trying to get an appointment when Broward first launched its website to take appointments. Trying to get the appointment on the Broward website was very touch and go. […]

Tenth Level Tavern: Oakland Park’s One and Only Barcade

It’s important for this place to feel like by big living room. I want them to feel this is their home. I built it and I’m working in it, but it exists for the people who come and use it and participate and have experiences. Joey Cammisa, Owner of Tenth Level Tavern This past week, […]

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