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Lacuna Design: Transforming Wood Into Custom Art


The dictionary will define “lacuna” as a noun and it is defined two ways. One definition is a blank space, or a missing part. The other definition is a small cavity or pit in an anatomical structure. Though Lacuna Design Studios’ name was inspired by an Italian rock band from Italy, Lacuna Coil, the name is pretty fitting for artist Bryan Currier’s works of art. Bryan has dedicated his passion of woodworking and turned it into custom art for clients. He has created personalized pieces of woodwork where he has carved out spaces and filled in the space with resin. His workspace is located on his home property in our very own Oakland Park.

Lacuna Design Studios: The Evolution

Bryan studied wood shop class in High School. This was the beginning of his passion with working with wood. He made a nightstand that he still has today! After his interests in high school, Bryan went on to study digital art and design and graduated from the University of Florida. Bryan has taken his passion of woodworking and digital art to inspire his pieces and process. He now owns Lacuna Design Studios and also works with picture manipulation to create Salvador Dali worthy work! He started about 3 years ago and then knew he wanted to venture out and participate in art shows.

Plans Postponed Due to COVID-19

Unfortunately, he had to put a halt on those plans due to COVID-19. He says, “At the beginning of the pandemic, I realized and knew that art shows are not going to happen for a long time”. While wanting to start on future pieces for art shows he would hopefully one day be a part of, Bryan was furloughed from his job. He had to focus on how to generate an income. What was also unfortunate was that people were not ordering custom pieces anymore because it was more of a want than a necessity.

A New Opportunity with Planter Boxes

Bryan took a pause from creating his art, but also took advantage of the situation. He realized that many people were being careful with their expenses and their time in grocery stores. He knew there was a climb in home vegetable gardens. Bryan applied his skills to create beautiful and practical planter boxes and benches.

He wanted to focus on practicality and help enable people to grow vegetables, herbs, and spices in a time when people are unsure of the future and how long this pandemic will last. He also saw it as an opportunity to help people with their mental health where gardening may be an outlet during these difficult times of social distancing and quarantining.

His planter boxes can also be a perfect place to create a beautiful butterfly garden. He says, “Eventually, I will return to my resin wood pieces and create them custom made, but for now it’s not 100% a need for people because they cannot afford to spend the extra money on that right now”. He is, however, currently building a bench on his property for a friend.

The Artform

Bryan mainly uses untreated pine for the planter boxes and he also uses pressure treated fence board. For his incorporation of wood and resin, he uses top quality resin. The turn around time for a custom piece may take up to two weeks, depending on the level of difficulty, the amount of detail, and the cost of product, as resin is not cheap.

The prices also vary for these same reasons. Bryan would like to resume his custom pieces and participate in art shows. He would also like to bring in pieces done by wood burning with resin accents. He takes his time to create something the client will be proud of. He says, “I absolutely love seeing people’s expression when I give them the pieces themselves. That’s why I love custom pieces – it is because they give me ideas on what they 100% want, and I do my best to put that in that product. I love seeing their faces light up when I give it to them”.

In Order to Order

If you feel you’re able to spend a little extra for yourself or a family member, and want to order a piece, you can! Bryan may be reached via Instagram.com/Lacunadesignswood, his website: www.ldwoodwork.com, or through his email bryan@lacunadesigns.com.


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