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Outside Activities You Can Do with Social Distancing


When the pandemic crisis fell upon most of thought it would be over soon. As we near almost a year since the quarantine began life is far from normal.

Despite the fact that life has not resumed its normal course, it does not mean you have to sit idly by waiting for time to pass. There are plenty of activities in which you can indulge while at the same time respecting social distancing. 

Explore Nature

The chances of most people taking vacations this year are slim to none because it is safer to stay home.  But that does not mean travel is completely out of the question. Rather than go far, take a look at what is nearby and go out and enjoy nature.  South Florida has a plethora of parks and hiking trails to which you can travel and take the time to smell the roses.

In some cases parks may be closed, in that case you can take a long walk around your community or city and enjoy some of the sights they offer. All you have to do is insure a six-foot gap from other persons out enjoying the scenery. 

Play Games at Home

Are you living in a house with no space to play outside? No problem! There are plenty of indoor games you can play in the comfort of your home.

If you like a mental challenge, take up chess or backgammon.  You will not only be having fun but also sharpening your thinking or reasoning ability. If no one at home wants to play, play with someone online.

Do you prefer more kinesthetic activity? Buy a used pingpong table or play some games that require physical movement. A good example of this are the dancing or excercise games you can play. All of these games will help you keep fit and alert because you will have to run, stretch, jump and even shake your groove thing. 

Do Some Planting

It’s the perfect time to plant in most countries; therefore, it’s a good time to build a garden. Cultivate planting habits if you have a garden inside your home. Plant some crops, water it daily, and weed it regularly-the results will delight you and provide good food for your household as well. The process also helps you to exercise your body, but always ensure to wash your hands after farming.

Go Cycling

Hop on your bike, or hop on a stationary bike, plug in some music and start moving those legs.

If you do traditional biking, take plenty of water and even a snack.  Always be safety conscious by making use of pads, protective equipment, and helmets and while you can enjoy music, make sure it is not too loud so you can stay in tune with your surroundings. 

Practice Some Physical Exercise Outside or Online

Gyms have been hit hard by the pandemic and that has forced them to innovate. Look for local gyms that offer safe environments and even outdoor or virtual classes.

Robert Wheeler, owner of Battledfitted,  a local gym, shared that he keeps his gym clean and sanitized and his members socially distanced at all times. He has reduced class sizes, moved workout stations farther apart and has a cleaning kit and rags for wiping down the equipment at each station. Once a rag is used it is put to wash. Masks during workouts are optional as they are not required by the County. Lastly, each night before he closes up the entire gym is clean and sanitized. 

You might also consider joining an online dance exercise or a yoga group or taking a run in one of our lovely parks. If you go into a studio just make sure they are taking all the necessary precautions for social distancing.

Take it to the Beach

Do you like the ocean? Well, here in South Florida you can enjoy any number of our lovely beaches. Aerated places are easier to maintain social distance so just steer clear of others and you will be just fine.

You can also consider taking up a water sport like paddle boarding, kitesurfing, snorkeling, boogie boarding or traditional surfing. The waves in South Florida are mild enough that they are perfect for beginning surfers. 

As we learn to adapt to this new normal we have to be creative about how we do things in order to stay safe. Staying idly home is not realistic for most, so with the suggestions made in this article, get up, get out there and get moving in a safe way. 


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