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Oakland Park Facilities Bond Projects Update 2022


Oakland Park City Staff presented a Facilities Projects Update to the City Commission at the November 30th City Commission meeting. The Facilities projects are part of the City’s Bond Program and are moving along quickly.

Municipal Building Enhancements

The first project that has been completed is the hardening of the Municipal Building located on North Dixie Highway. This project was completed at a cost of $1.3 million dollars, of which $547,000 dollars was covered by grant funding. Improvements included new elevators, window and door replacement and generator replacement.

New City Park Phase One

The grand opening of the new City Park – Phase One was held in October. This first phase includes the City’s first splash pad, complete with nightly light shows!

The new recreation complex also includes a completely renovated concession, the Ballfield Café, a nature inspired playground, pickleball and basketball courts, a new family restroom building and two new pergolas.

This project came in at just under $6 million dollars. A twenty-thousand-dollar grant covered the purchase and installation of new trees all throughout the park.

New North Andrews Gardens Community Center

Construction has begun on the new North Andrews Gardens Community Center. The project broke ground in July of this year. To date, the old center building has been razed and the new building is well underway. This new 8,000 sq foot facility will include an outdoor picnic and seating area,  basketball court,  playground, and parking area.

This project cost $5 million dollars of which $250,000 dollars was covered through grant funding.

The new North Andrews Community Center broke ground in July of 2022.

New Fire Station 9

Fire Station 9 is the next project scheduled to break ground. This 18,000 sq foot, state of the art facility is a two story, three bay station and the project also includes new on and off-street parking. New restrooms for Stephens field will also be constructed and improved traffic signalization for the fire department will be done in the vicinity of the station.

The project costs are approximately $16.6 million of which $2.5 million is covered by grant funding. Once Fire Station 9 is complete, construction will begin on Fire Station 87.

Fire Station 87

Fire Station 87 will be a two-phase project. Phase one is the hardening of the building proper which includes complete roof replacement, window and door replacement and a new generator. This phase of the project is budgeted at $1.7 million dollars, and of that amount $833,000 dollars has been covered by grant funding.

Phase two of the project will be the exterior and interior renovations and that portion of the project is currently being designed and budgeted.

City Park Phases 2 and 3

City Park Phases 2 and 3 are currently in the design phase, and construction should begin on Phase 2 after the new Public Works Building is completed and moved to the new building. The new building will be located just North of East Commercial Blvd and NE 12th Terrace.

Phase 2 is the center part of the park, located directly next to the now completed Phase 1. Phase 3, which includes the new Library and Community Center at the South end of the property, will be started after the completion of Phase 2.

Fire Station 20

Fire Station 20 is a public private partnership and is currently at a 30% interior buildout design phase. There is currently pending litigation between the city and the private sector partner which is being worked through by the City Attorney’s office.

Additional projects not covered under the voter approved bond measure are also in various stages of development and those will be covered in a later article.


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