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Oakland Park Celebrates Completion of First Bond Project: City Park Phase I


In December of 2007, the City of Oakland Park adopted a Comprehensive Facilities plan which was “… designed to provide a guide for the future physical, economic and social development of the City”. Since that time, the City and the different City Commissioners over the years have been progressively working on the execution of this vision. On October 22, 2022, after many years of hard work and effort, the first part of that idea became a reality with the ribbon cutting and opening of the first phase of the City Park project. 

Bond Projects for Oakland Park's Second Century

Phase 1 of City Park is the first of several bond projects that will be built as part of the ten-year plan to update the City’s public facilities for its Second Century. The redevelopment initiative is being funded by a $40 million dollar bond that was approved by 2/3 of voters in 2018. 

A few months before cutting the ribbon on Phase 1 of City Park, the City broke ground on the second bond project, the new North Andrews Community Center. Comprehensive Facilities Plan aimed at Building Oakland Park’s Second Century. Plans to rebuild Fire Stations 9 and 20 are in the works. 

Mayor Michael Carn, reiterated this when he spoke about the project during the ceremony: “Today we stand proudly to say thank you and to present… this remarkable and treasured play space to our chief investors, the residents of Oakland Park, and also to our precious children, who will lead Oakland Park into her next century “

Watch The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Branding Oakland Park

The opening of Phase I of City Park is an exciting event all in itself. While the facilities are brand new, there is something extra special about them. They are the first to set the standard for an Oakland Park look. 

The colors chosen for the Splashpad, brown, green, and beige are colors which will be seen City wide in the up and coming projects. The park benches and trash cans are also part of the accessories which will be adopted City wide. So as the public facilities are updated the City’s new look and brand will become more and more apparent.

See All the Public Amenities at City Park in the Video Below

It Takes a Dream Team

The Comprehensive Facilities Plan was set in motion years  17 years ago. Since that time a number of different City Commissioners have held office as the plan when from phase to phase, from vision to reality. Making it an actual, tangible reality, however, would not have been possible without several talented and tenacious City Employees, our very own OP Dream Team.

Brent Johnson,  Director of Engineering and Building Services, and Sierra Marrero, Assistant Director of Engineering and Building Services and an Oakland Park native, took the mic to thank their team and the developers who all worked together to make City Park Phase I possible. The audience applauded loudly as each team member stood up to be recognized for all their hard work, and according to Johnson, even some tears that were shed along the way. 

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

As Marrero concluded her comments she pointed out one more important and driving force behind the vision for project, City Manager, David Hebert. Hebert spoke to the audience sharing the following: “…this will just be one of a number of new projects that we are going to bring to you to celebrate your next 100 years. I’m going to stay around for that party, I assure you, because if you think this is something you ain’t seen nothing yet!”.  

City Manager David Hebert speaks to the celebration's attendees.

A Great Day In Oakland Park

The day of the ribbon cutting ceremony was a beautiful and sunny day. The attendees were excited to be the first to experience City Park, waiting patiently for the ceremony to finish to pick up a pickleball paddle or play on the playground. The excitement was apparent and contagious. All in all, it was a great day in Oakland Park. 


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