Oakland Park’s Most Decked-Out Halloween House

Many Oakland Parkers enjoy decorating for holidays, and then some make it a lifestyle. Oakland Park residents Linda Mills, Jim Resien, Andy Hanken, and Linda’s fiancé David Reisen are the masterminds behind Oakland Park’s most decked-out house, located at 798 NE 38th Street.
From left ro right: Jim Reisen, Andy Hanken, Linda Mills and David Reisen

A Bunch of Hands to Set the Display

For Halloween, they spend days, not hours, setting up the elaborate display we all see along NE 38th Street. It also takes many hands to set everything up, including a pet graveyard, hundreds (unofficial count) of skeletons, and skulls. A giant spider web, complete with a giant glowing spider, greets you along the pathway to the door.

Most notable are two lurking 18-foot skeletons. Mills says her fiancé David assembles them from three parts and uses a ladder to add the finishing touches. There is also a skeleton tree and creepy animated pirates. The themes, according to Mills, are only limited by their imaginations. “There is not really an overall theme; we pick up what we like all year long. Home Depot, Lowes, and lately quite a bit from Amazon”, said Mills.

The Fun Part of Halloween During 2020 Pandemic

Last year, during the pandemic, they began setting up their Halloween decorations on Labor Day and didn’t stop until Halloween night. In an uncertain year that had many in fear, many parents did not want to take their children out trick or treating but made an exception for their house. “During the pandemic, we were told that we’re the only house some parents took their children to”, Mills added. They had approximately 100 trick or treaters last year alone.

They prepacked candy into bags and set up a table outside, where they also handed out mardi-gras style beads to the parents. When asked why they do this every year, the answer was simple. “It’s just fun”, said Mills. “We go even bigger for Christmas, we decorate for the Fourth of July and Easter too”, she added.

A Warehouse for the Decoration Items

The question on many Oakland Parker’s minds: Where do they store their decorations? The answer is simple, in a warehouse. They are however making additions to their home, to one day keep all of the goods on-site. Mills advice for those that want to start adding more decorations: “Start slow, and each year build on it. Don’t be afraid. We didn’t get all of this overnight”.

This year they will again be pre-packing bags of candy and anticipate a large turnout. They will begin to break down the decorations the day after Halloween, so don’t wait too long to walk by or drive by to see the display. The house is located just east of 6th Avenue on the NE 38th St. on the south side of the street. 

From there, we give the house about a week break and start on Christmas.” Said Mills. If you think this is a lot, come see the Christmas display!

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Rhiannon Samoyedny

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