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Oakland Park Planning and Zoning Approves Additional Story and Residential Units


The Oakland Park Planning and Zoning Board unanimously approved an additional story and residential units for Oakland Park Square. Oakland Park Square will be located at 3801 N. Dixie Highway and consists of two city blocks on the west side of north Dixie Highway, separated by N.E. 38th Street.

Oakland Park Planning and Zoning Meeting

The September 21st Planning and Zoning meeting regarding Agenda # Item No. 4 and 5 was held at 6:00 PM via Zoom. Over half a dozen community members attended to speak about NRI, the project’s developer, who is requesting to add one additional story and 32 additional housing flex units to the north building.

The maximum allowance for building height is currently 90 feet. The developer proposed that the additional story would not exceed this current height maximum. In addition to the extra story, the developer has proposed a sky bridge for residential use between the north and south buildings on the 5th floor. The sky bridge is set to cost approximately 300,000 and will have overhead covering and some sort of screening to protect traffic below.

Additional Public Parking

In order for the developer to propose this, they must provide one or more public amenities such as public open space, infrastructure enhancements, public art or public parking. The developer agreed to provide 40 additional public parking spots of which 24 will be in the south block’s parking garage and 16 would be on street parking.

Public Concerns

Public concerns over the developers proposed changes ranged from traffic concerns to the building height itself. Many had concerns about the shade that would affect neighboring businesses and homes throughout the day. Many said that shade would be thrown from 9:00 am for half of a block. City Manager David Hebert noted that the building’s tiered design may help with the shade and that traffic reports provided by the developer did not indicate any major traffic concerns with the new additions.

Another community member asked about storm drains and utilities and whether this project would have adequate infrastructure. According to the current reports, the utilities would be adequate. During the meeting, it was noted that the approval of an additional story for this particular project, does not set a precedent for other buildings to do the same. This was a welcome relief to some residents who live along N.E. 38th Street, who are already feeling a pinch from new townhome projects.

Previous proposed design for Oakland Park Square.

Oakland Park’s OP3D Design to Be Discussed

It was also mentioned that some of the streets would need widening, to which members were told would be coming up in the next planning and zoning meeting in which they will discuss Oakland Park’s OP3D design for Downtown.

All five planning and voting board members approved both agendas. It will now go before the Commission with a full site plan review. At this time, there are no new renderings of the new Oakland Park Square by NRI, Living in Oakland Park will continue to follow this project as Oakland Park shapes its new downtown.


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