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The Old Kmart Site: Out With a Gas Station, In With Sprouts!


When Lucky’s market in Oakland Park closed earlier this year many people in the community were saddened by the loss. On the on the Living in Oakland Park Facebook group  people debated, commented and wondered what would replace Lucky’s. Among those supermarkets on the group members’ wish list was Sprouts. Since then Aldi’s purchased the old Lucky’s location and it so for the moment they are the most likely candidate to replace Lucky’s. But that doesn’t mean Sprouts isn’t coming to OP!

Before Sprouts, A Gas Station

Living in Oakland Park has been following the story of the old Kmart site since late 2019 when RAM held its first neighborhood meeting. The initial proposal for the site’s development did not make provisions for a supermarket of any kind. Instead the site of what may be Sprouts was going to be a gas station with retail space and drive-through restaurant.

In his presentation to the City on August 5th about the plans submitted to the City, Peter Schwartz, Assistant Director, Community & Economic Development, shared that: “The applicant (RAM Development) worked hard after listening to the City’s concerns to bring a grocery store to the site“. Changes made by the application were not limited to commercial. The residential plans have also changed, so stay tuned to a future article about how the residential portion of this project has changed.

In the illustration below you can see the original plans submitted to the City show the location and layout of the previously proposed gas station in the top left corner. 

Sprouts,  A Good Fit for Oakland Park

According to their website, Sprouts:

Some say natural is the new normal – but at Sprouts, there’s nothing new about natural foods! Back in 2002, we opened our first store in an effort to make natural foods accessible to everyone. Up until then, grocers offering fresh, organic choices were either too expensive to shop or too hard to find…No more ingredient lists featuring 40 unpronounceable chemicals. And most of all, no more spending an entire paycheck for food from the honest effort of a farmer – not a factory….we knew that by focusing on farm-fresh produce and other healthy, affordable items, we could create a grocery experience where you didn’t have to be wealthy to eat healthy!

Based on this mission statement Sprouts will be a good fit for Oakland Park. Comments by the both the public and City Commissioners was overwhelmingly positive. 

Jack Doren, resident of NE 12th Terrace commended the City and the Developer for working together to create an exemplary project in tune with the City’s future. He also praised the City for encouraging the developer to bring Sprouts, as they grocery store would be more in line with the City’s Culinary Arts District. 

When the motion was made to approve the project, it was seconded and approved by all commissioners present at the meeting: Mayor Matt Sparks, Vice Mayor Jane Bolin, Commissioners Michael Carn and Tim Lonergan. 

What Oakland Parkers Are Saying About Sprouts

Oakland Parkers always have a lot to say when asked about changes in their community. While opinions did vary, some still wanted a Walmart, many people opined in favor of Sprouts.

Stuart Taft:

Food to fork, fork to spoon, farm to table, farm to knife, yadda yadda. Any of these overpriced fresh organic gluten kale centric market type places won’t survive, for 2 main reasons..already over saturated, nothing new to be seen here. And in this economy, people aren’t looking to pay top dollar for sad looking organic apples. We have whole foods for the Land Rover Lululemon crowd, Publix for the majority of us, and aldis/Walmart for the rest. If Sprouts is deeply discounted then I stand corrected, it will do well in that case, although there’s already Trader Joe’s which has good prices.

Michael L. Kaufman: Great news for locals and the city of Oakland Park!

Linda Walton: I would gladly welcome it.

Peter Jackson: It will be a great addition!

Lori Jean: Love that store‼️ I have gone up to Deerfield location a few times, but it’s over 11 miles away.

Mitch Rosenwald: Looking forward to Sprouts and the development of this blighted area! More options, a public green space by the river, and more tax revenue for the city are all positives!

Sheri Elfman-Bonanno: Sprouts is awesome!!!! That would be amazing!!

Jodi Jugis Yocher: Anything would be an improvement since it’s been vacant for over 10 years. Yay!

Mayor Matt Sparks is familiar with the grocery store and shared the following with Living in Oakland Park :

 “I believe with the unfortunate loss of Lucky’s Market, the addition of the Sprouts Farmers Market will definitely add to the excitement for the residents of Oakland Park. Those in the public who are unfamiliar with Sprouts, I can tell you, it is quite popular in Colorado & New Mexico where I was introduced to their natural, organic & gluten-free offerings. If you wish to familiarize yourself with what is coming to Oakland Park, go to http://www.sprouts.com and take a look at their weekly specials, you can download the app as well as sign up for coupons. I believe this is a great addition and I look forward with great anticipation to their arrival.”

Share your thoughts about Sprouts coming to Oakland Park in the comments below. 


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