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The New Residences At The Old Kmart Site


If you live in Oakland Park you have drive past the old Kmart site at 670 East Oakland Park Boulevard hundreds of times. After Kmart went out of business Oakland Parkers waited and wondered as to what would replace the big box retailer. Walmart purchased the site and their appearance on the Oakland Park scene seemed imminent. But while Oakland Park waited and waited Walmart never came. Instead they sold the site to RAM development and now the future of the site is wholly different. 

RAM is working closely to install a Sprouts Farmers Market on the site. Many in the community feel it will be a good addition to the area, especially since Lucky’s left. We reported on this in this article

RAM revealed the addition of Sprouts when they presented their revised plan at the August 5th City Commission meeting. At this meeting they also revealed the revised residential portion of the site. 

In the image below the residential portion is in the light orange color. 

Site plan presented by RAM to the Oakland Park City Commission at the August 5th meeting.

The Residences

After the first presentation of the project and the neighborhood meeting RAM took in suggestions and revised the residential portion of the plan. The initial proposal called for garden apartments only. The current proposal calls for both garden apartments and townhouses. These residences will be available for rental. Other changes include increased landscaping and a Riverfront Promenade accessible to the residents as well as the public. 

The current residential plan includes the following:

Once built the structures may look like the rendering below:

The site’s amenities for residents and some for the public will include the following:

As per the public record the site has not yet been formally acquired by RAM. One thing is for certain though they are working hard to transform their vision for the space into a reality that fits into the future of Oakland Park.


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