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Oakland Park Presents a Whole New Image


On July 22, 2020 the City of Oakland Park revealed four new looks for the City’s new Public Works Facility, Fire Station 20, North Andrews Gardens Recreation Center, and City Hall. The plan is to have completion coincide with Oakland Park’s 100th birthday in 2029.

Oakland Park New Image: Public Opinion Diverges

Opinions online ranged from Oakland Parker’s enjoying the contemporary new designs, to others finding the buildings lackluster with utterly soulless architecture. Overall, most feedback was neutral to positive, with the community excited and looking forward to a new future look, even if the designs were not their particular style. Here’s what we know.

Fire Station 20

Fire Station 20 will reside at 880 W. Prospect Road. The City has entered a development agreement with CubeSmart, LLC. The terms are a 55-year term with one option for renewal. The city is to maintain the interior fire station, parking areas, enclosures and apparatus associated with the fire station. The fire station itself will be two stories with 11,300 square feet and includes working and living quarters for the City’s fire rescue personnel. The new location is said to yield a 6% improvement in emergency response times. With the developer constructing and maintaining common areas and structures, this partnership is said to have saved the City approximately $4-$6 Million dollars.

Fire Station 9

Fire Station 9 which is currently located at 318 NE 38th Street will be relocating to 3881 NE 6th Ave. At this point, the floor plans are complete. Fire Station 9 faces many similar issues as many other aging buildings in the city, poor air quality, and outdated HVAC systems.

Public Works Building (A)

Public Works Building (A), located at 5100 NE 12th Terrace. The new building will include an Emergency Operations Center and a two-story parking garage. The current structure does not meet hurricane compliance, has no fire sprinkler system and has very poor climate and air conditioning systems, which in turn costs taxpayers more money to operate.

North Andrews Gardens Community Center

North Andrews Gardens Community Center, located at 250 NE 56th Court. Lovingly referred to by locals as NAG, the former church is not hurricane compliant. At this time, there is no single point of entry which has become very important over the years for the safety of children. The new facility will address these concerns and others such as adults and children using the same restroom facilities as well as the outdated kitchen equipment and poor air quality. Focus on outdoor green space is paramount.

City Hall/Oakland Park Square

City Hall/Oakland Park Square will be located along North Dixie HIghway and 38th Street is in the pre-development phase. It will consist of a new City Hall, 35,000 square feet of commercial space residential units, a parking garage and live-work units.

The City on the Move

The current overall bond implementation is in Phase 2. Phase 2 is estimated to be completed by 2023. This is the phase when the City prepares and awards bids, continues to update the community and hosts meetings. The beginning of construction also takes place. Phase 3 will begin in 2023 and continue through 2029.

The City on the Move is certainly moving ahead during rough times, seemingly fueled by the $40 million General Obligation Bond, approved by nearly 67 percent of voters. Oakland Park is not only diverse, it is also multi-generational. No matter what we think of the outward appearance of these facilities, it is a wise move to update them and what better time than now?

What do you think of the new look? Feel free to share your comments.


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  1. What will happen to Central Bark, dog day care center located opposite City Hall?

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