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A Neighbor in Need


One of Oakland Park’s very own senior citizens needs assistance. The elderly woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been a hard-working woman for most of her life. She is a retired City of Lauderhill employee who lives on a small fixed pension as well as social security.

Rent Raised During Pandemic

Many of Oakland Park’s active adult community members find themselves in need at some point. Senior citizens are often overlooked when it comes to city and county programs in all states, and sadly, this is not unique to the State of Florida.

At 76 years young, she is in a situation where the rent in her apartment complex has been raised. This is hard enough during a national pandemic but has really affected her quality of life. She now finds herself facing uncertainly, as her fixed income can only get her so far. She is finding herself unable to secure food and other basic necessities because she is now paying more a month than what she earns. This is also making it impossible to save money to move.

This lovely lady has been an active community volunteer for most of her adult life, working to this day, as a volunteer for fundraising, phone bank work, and campaigning. She enjoys the company of other adults her own age. The apartment she lives in now has a lot of young people and she is finding herself rather lonely during the day when they are at work. Her family is busy raising families of their own and are unable to assist her.

Every Little Help Counts

If you have any idea as to how we can help this member of our community, please send us your suggestion to editor@livinginoaklandpark.com and content@livinginoaklandpark.com.  She has helped our community her whole life now it is time for us to give back and help her move somewhere that she can afford and live without the stress of trying to figure out how to make ends meet on a fixed income. 


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