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Oakland Park Fire Station Closes Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak


Oakland Park Fire Station #20, located at 4721 NW 9th Avenue, Oakland Park, FL 33309 has temporarily closed due to an outbreak of positive COVID-19 tests. First responders are at high risk for exposure. Despite safety measures and use of PPE, sources close to the department state that possibly up to 20 Oakland Park Fire Rescue employees have tested positive. Many of them self-quarantining at home.

This news comes at a time when Broward County is facing a record number of positive COVID-19 cases. Other Florida Fire Rescue stations such as Melbourne, Jacksonville, and Orlando have faced similar numbers of positive employees, but maintain enough staff to stay open.

Mayor Ensures Coverage and Safety for Oakland Parkers

Oakland Park Mayor, Matthew Sparks, stated “This is most unfortunate, I want to stress we do have agreements with surrounding cities to ensure the coverage and safety to our citizens.  My deepest concern is for the members of our local Broward-Metro Professional Fire Fighters 3080 and their families that are affected by this pandemic.”

Sparks continues, “Our Fire fighters should be staffed properly, and I believe would be, if we had a competitive pay and compensation package. We just wouldn’t see as much attrition. Not one of our Oakland Park Fire Fighters should have to put in 192 hours in 11 days. The City is currently in negotiations and I hope we look at the big picture as well as the value of our personnel as we move forward. My prayers go out to all our staff who are currently having to sacrifice”.

Unknow Situation for Fire Rescue Employees

It is unknown at this time if any employees are currently being treated in hospitals. City of Oakland Park Fire Rescue Station #20 employs about 74 employees in administration, fire prevention, and operations. While the station is temporarily closed, countywide aid is available and calls are automatically dispatched with three surrounding community departments.

Oakland Park should feel safe knowing that their calls will not go unanswered during the shut down. This is a time for our small town community to rally together and support our first responders. Living in Oakland Park will continue to monitor the situation and update the community with any further information.


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  1. 2 firefighters are hospitalized. One Captain and one Lieutenant. To date, there are 24 of our 56 firefighters out sick with Covid. The department has been grossly mismanaged for nearly 2 decades and people are leaving in droves for better departments. One major reason for the shutdown is lack of skillset. 2 of the Captains, 2 Batallion Chiefs, 2 Lieutenants, all Rescue Supervisors and 3 Driver/engineers are out sick. There arent enough employees on shift with the skills, training, education or time on the job to fill these positions. As a result, those who can fill these spots are being forced to work their normal 24 hour shift PLUS MANDATORY Overtime of 24 or 48 extra hours. 72 hours on shift is outright DANGEROUS!!!

  2. Something needs to be done. These fire fighters are there when they are needed and called upon. They have been begging for the city make change to the process in order to retain employees , staff the department , be competitive to the surrounding areas and they refuse. These guys are being forced to work Mandatory additional 24 hour shifts at straight time not overtime which is ridiculous. The leaders of this city and its department have failed at there job . If you really want to know what’s going on just ask any one of the Fire Fighter. For some reason the leaders of the surrounding areas have figured out to do it. Maybe our leader should ask for advice.

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