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Is Aldi Coming to Oakland Park?


To say that our community was upset when Lucky ‘s announced it was closing would be an understatement. After the news broke the question arose, which business will replace Lucky’s? Rumors swirled, and on the Living in Oakland Park Facebook group over 100 comments were posted regarding the future of Lucky’s store. Sprouts, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Fresh Market and Aldi were all on members wish list. Publix appeared to be rejected by most. While the community pondered, the Sun Sentinel published an article which stated that Aldi had signed a contract for many of the Lucky’s stores. 

So it seemed to be settled, Lucky’s would become Aldi. But would it? It takes a lot more than just signing a contract with Lucky’s for Aldi to move in. So Living In Oakland Park contacted the City to find out and this is what we learned. 

Aldi Purchases the Old Lucky's Location

Soon after Kroger, Lucky’s Market parent company, announced that is was closing Lucky’s Market it went to bankruptcy court. The Oakland Park location was put up for sale and on April 29, 2020 Aldi officially acquired the property for $4.4 million dollars. That put Aldi one step closer to being Oakland Park’s newest super market. 

Photo: Lucky’s Market Oakland Park

More To Go Before Aldi's Can Move In

Acquiring the property is just the first step in the process of transforming the site from Lucky’s to an Aldi. Aldi still has to acquire permits for renovations and acquire a business tax receipt from the City in order to open its doors.

According to the City, Aldi’s representatives have made preliminary inquiries with the City. However, they have not submitted any applications for permits or their business tax receipt. 

So while all signs currently point to Aldi moving to Oakland Park, it won’t be patently clear that they will do so until the permitting begins. 

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  1. Aldi would be a great addition to our town. Love the quality of their products and their prices …

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