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Staying Engaged and Present While Staying Home


It’s been roughly 4 weeks since things starting changing for us as a society. And now that’s its been officially ordered to stay home cabin fever is sure to escalate. One way to keep that at bay is to keep all five senses engaged. Here are some ways to stay sane while dealing with a limited sensory experience.

Staying Engaged and Present While Staying Home


I’m sure many of us already have this sense covered with Netflix, and other online streaming services. But don’t forget to change it up by starting your own watch party on Facebook or by joining a group and sharing photos or videos of your view in this world right now. Groups like “What Do You See From Your Window #stayathome” on Facebook are a great outlet with several posts daily that provide a wonderful escape from the confines of your own home.


Crank up your stereo! There’s no better time to build fun playlists and indulge in complete albums from your favorite artists. Really live in the music for a while.

Also enjoy a phone call, not a text message, for once. Oakland Park has launched a call buddy support program where you can sign up to have someone connect with you a few times a week so that you don’t have to spend your day in silence. Texting and online communicating does help us feel socially engaged but there is something about verbalizing and hearing the responses instead of just reading them.

Our community is so resourceful and has made it a priority to keep us connected. Don’t let this quarantine keep you from enjoying the spirit of unity and community this experience is cultivating for us.


Light a candle, use aromatherapy oils, or simply wear your perfume. Of course candles are an easy way to provide an escape, with new spring scenes rolling out from Bath and Body works and the like. But if you’re feeling more stressed and need a wellness boost, essential oils can majorly aid in overall sense of calm, energy, or joy. Consider supporting local small business owners such as Essentially Mrs Henning who serves the Oakland Park area to learn more about essential oils.

But probably the simplest trick to engage your sense of smell would be to keep up with personal hygiene. Since we’re not going out to see other people much we can easily slip into a complacent self care regimen and neglect the fun things like perfumes and indulgent fragrances. Try a fresh spritz in the morning or as often as you want through out the day. That can be so uplifting with minimal effort.


Trust me, I know it can be tempting to eat all the snacks, but don’t forget to spice things up and at least try to stay on track with health goals and nourishing meals through all this. Now that it’s spring, there are plenty of fruits and vegetable in season. Look for new recipes to that incorporate the seasonal produce. And take advantage of the fresh produce market that’s offered by Holy Mackerel Small Batch Beers in Wilton Manors and check the Oakland Park Quarantine Directory for more business still open for take out and delivery.


Stimulate your sense of touch with finger painting, exfoliating scrubs, or gardening. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, not without proper hand washing after of course, and feel the grit of soil, the slickness of acrylic paints, the smoothness of freshly exfoliated skin. But if the stress of it all is just too much sometimes, just make it a point to get comfy. Pick warm or cool spot, make a nest in the bed or on the couch, wear loose comfortable clothes and soft fabrics. There’s nothing wrong with simply wanting to feel secure and safe in the midst of all this. Wrap up in blankets and give yourself the best hug you can manage.

This situation will change, just as our lives changed at the start of this. Keep yourself grounded, engaged and fully present and things will get better before you know it.


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