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10 Things that haven’t changed because of COVID-19

Our new normal has ushered in many changes to our society, our emotions, and our daily routines. We’ve shown ourselves that we are a strong and adaptive community. We’ve allowed ourselves to grieve the cancelled events and the array of disappointments that COVID-19 has caused. But I wanted to point out some things that have […]

Staying Engaged and Present While Staying Home

It’s been roughly 4 weeks since things starting changing for us as a society. And now that’s its been officially ordered to stay home cabin fever is sure to escalate. One way to keep that at bay is to keep all five senses engaged. Here are some ways to stay sane while dealing with a […]

Enjoying House Plants While Stuck at Home

Lately we’ve found ourselves being home a lot more that usual. Some of us have taken to redecorating or spring cleaning. In the midst of this, let us not forget the benefits and beauty of some greenery in our indoor spaces. House plants can be useful, uplifting, and downright pretty to have around. Being that […]

Finding Joy While Under Quarantine

As we all hunker down for the safety of our fellow man, people are finding more and more ways to cope and adapt through this global COVID-19 crisis. Music to Uplift Your Spirit Music is one thing that isn’t going away despite everything that’s going on. It’s been reported that people in Italy, now the […]

Mental Wellness and Self Care While Under COVID-19 Quarantine

With the ever evolving situation of the novel Coronavirus, it can be hard to feel any sense of security, safety or wellbeing. This is a time filled with fear and worry for our loved ones, the world and our future. As someone who regularly manages depression and anxiety, I know first hand how hard this […]

Taste of Oakland Park: Diverse Flavor, Diverse Community

Over 2000 people milled about in Jaco Pastorius Park under bistro lighting at a sold out Taste of Oakland Park on February 28th. With 32 restaurants showcased, the air was fragrant with the savory smells of hot soups and bite sized samples of a variety of cuisines. The biggest turn out yet, patrons were happy […]

Originality, Imagination, Creativity: The Legacy of Peter Olsen

It’s not everyday you come across a body of work that feels as though it belongs in an archive along side the creative works of Michelangelo. Peter Olsen, a New York native who came to south Florida to live in what he calls paradise, could be considered one of the most prolific artists in our […]

Martin Karadzhov: Classical Mural Artist Bringing Luxury to Oakland Park

Martin Karadzhov studied art for 12 years in his home country of Bulgaria before moving to Miami in 2003. He always loved art, and was determined to pursue it even if he was his only supporter. Being accepted to the oldest and most prestigious Art School in Sofia, one of only 6 students in the […]

Karlene J. Froling – Building a Better Tomorrow One Children’s Book at a Time

Karlene Froling was born and raised in Newlands in Portmore, Jamaica. Her childhood experiences with being made to feel inferior because of her social and economic status has played a major role in forming her underlying vision as an author. She now strives to teach children about diversity and self worth with her five children’s […]

Oakland Park Celebrates the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King

This past Monday Oakland Park’s community of Churches, city officials, elders and young people came together to celebrate the legacy of not only Dr. Martin Luther King, but also their African American heritage. After many opening remarks, including a moving and powerful speech recited by Rev. Cheree Mojeplo reminding us that there is still work […]

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