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Upful Blends: Tea with Intention


Upful Blends is slated to open its doors in late April or early May. Located at 1676 E Oakland Park Blvd, the storefront will have a small seating area for consuming and purchasing natural herbal teas, as well as a new line of lotions and beauty products blessed by shamans. But owner Chantel Robertson’s mission isn’t just another clean beauty fad.

Upful Blends: A Healing Journey

Her exclusive herbal blends come from Africa, Mexico, and the Amazon. Discovered by her own travels to these regions after suffering multiple physical and mental ailments in her youth, which followed into her young adulthood, Chantel set out to take her health in her own hands.

Using her own money, and barely able to walk, she put herself on a plane to the remote Amazon where she would begin a month-long healing journey amongst the local people of the Amazon. She began to fast and eat only the herbs and fruits recommended by the shamans and villagers who relied on such methods of healing for generations.

Her journey is documented on her Youtube channel donning the same name Upful Blends. There Chantel began to document her recovery for various illnesses and her followers, friends, and family could not believe their eyes. From tumors and acne to mental depression and anxiety, Chantel began to see herself in a different light not only on the outside but the inside as well.

Herbal Blends from Soil to Bag

Understanding the direct correlation between the foods she consumed, the alkalinity of the foods she consumed as well as the timing of harvesting these blends, she was able to bring her knowledge to others who had ailments of their own all around the world. Her popular herbal blends are cultivated with intention from soil to bag.

Energy from the Nature

Employees are encouraged to enter Upful Blends with intention and gratitude before starting their workday. “I want to put the energy into these blends that I would want to have received when I was suffering.” Says Chantel.

One of her most popular blends, Food for the Blood boasts 102 minerals with the highest iron content on earth. The popular blend helps with immunity, inflammation, and energy. Upful also sells capsules of many of their popular blends.

Food for the Blood boasts 102 minerals with the highest iron content on earth.

She decided to open in Oakland Park because she ends her day with meditation on the beach, making Oakland Park the perfect location to support her healthy lifestyle. That and she was raised here from 2004, “Oakland Park is my triangle, my home.”

A Never Ending Search

Chantel doesn’t just do research for her blends, she actually travels to remote parts of the world to continue her education with boots on the ground. She also believes in giving back to the communities and villages that have given her so much by helping install water wells in African villages. “Africa has toxic waters polluted with heavy metals and other toxins and many villagers walk up to seven hours for water.” In exchange for the knowledge they share with her, she is happy to give back to those in need.

With every order, Chantel includes a gratitude card and a small sample of one of her exclusive blends. Inside the gratitude card, you will find the same message she sent along with her very first order.

Showing that Upful Blends is true tea with intention. With a passionate young business owner like Chantel, we are certainly happy to have her in Oakland Park. For now, you can shop her exclusive blends at www.upfulblends.com and follow her on social media for all of the latest updates on Upful’s grand opening.


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