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Local Studio Captures Memories for Life


Fort Lauderdale has many spots by the beach to witness spectacular sunrises. The sky above the calm and serene ocean bursting into vibrant colors at sunrise, is a delight to watch for visitors. For artists, it is their muse. And one such artist is Steven Teed who began his photography journey as a kid taking photos at the beach.

Teed had been doing travel photography and photo shoots for his friends and family while working at a local dealership. About five years ago, he decided to pursue his family hobby and become a full-time photographer. He worked at a shared studio before recently opening his own studio in Oakland Park called Camera Paintbrush Photography where he does in-studio photography as well as location-based shoots depending on the needs of his clients. He has photographed for all sorts of occasions – holidays, family portraits, engagements, weddings, maternity, and many others.

Teed's lens captures love in every frame.

Turning a Family Hobby Into a Full-time Profession

Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Teed describes photography as a family hobby. His father moved to the area from New York and would take the family to watch the sunrise at the beach on the weekends where Teed and his siblings would take photos with their disposable cameras. Years later, while his father has since moved to South Carolina, Teed is now taking his clients to hidden spots he once discovered as a kid. He likes to show out-of-town visitors, and his other clients, perfect spots for their photography needs that they wouldn’t know otherwise.

Teed is approached by clients with diverse needs that call for a unique setting. For instance, he knows just the spot if a client wants a business headshot with a Miami skyline. Similarly, for a family photoshoot at the beach, he would take his clients to secluded spots that are both visually appealing and away from the crowds. On asking about his favorite location, Teed shares that it has to be Deerfield Beach. He says that it has everything that you would want as a photographer and as a visitor- beautiful view, easily accessible, not too crowded, restaurants, and nightlife.

From hobby to dream job: Witness Steven Teed's passion unleashed in every shot.

Aside from location-based shoots, Teed also offers a variety of setups for photoshoots in his studio including theme-based setups such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and others. His services also include photographing for business or personal branding.

He shares that he finds most of his clients through word-of-mouth and social media platforms, particularly, Facebook. Explaining the process of working with clients, Teed shares, “I work with the customer to make sure that they can get exactly what they’re looking for.” This includes discussing the artistic aesthetic and other details like location and time. He describes his prices as affordable and offers customizable packages starting at $199.

Using Photography to Paint One-of-a-kind Photo

Teed finds the process of creating unique moments similar to painting. Just as a painter selects colors, brushstrokes, and techniques to evoke a particular emotion or ambiance, Teed uses various editing tools and techniques to bring out the essence of the captured scene. Inspired by this idea, he named his studio “Camera Paintbrush Photography.”

As a local photographer, Teed values the meaningful connections he has built with his local clients, who return to him time and again to capture their life moments. He finds it heartwarming and even amusing to witness the journey of a client he photographed during their maternity phase now coming back to celebrate their child’s first birthday. “…it’s pretty funny, how that works out,” says Teed. While he has done many memorable photoshoots, Teed shares one quinceañera photoshoot that stands out as particularly cool in his experience where he photographed the birthday girl who had snakes wrapped around her at her Harry Potter-themed celebration.

Teed describes photos as particularly unique. Even though phone photography has improved significantly in the last few years, the range of professional photoshoots continues to gain traction. These include engagement and pre-wedding shoots, maternity and newborn photography, pet photography, personal branding and headshots, graduation photography, and many others. So what set professional photo shoots apart from photos taken with phone cameras? Teed shares that the biggest difference one will find between phone photography and a professional photo shoot is the print quality. Digital cameras still take high-resolution pictures required for superior-quality printing.

Capturing love's beginnings on pre-Wedding photos.
Capturing the beauty of motherhood in a pregnancy photoshoot.

Opening a Studio in Oakland Park

In March 2023, Teed opened his own photography studio in Oakland Park. As a true Floridian at heart, Teed considers Florida his “home sweet home.” Oakland Park is an ideal location for Teed, being close to his family and with easy access to I95 and the beach.

The studio is 1200 square feet in area and features facilities such as a fully private and separate dressing room/full hair and makeup room which can be reserved in advance. Teed also offers his clients hundreds of props including angel wings, an aerial swing, a maternity swing, multiple backdrops, textured walls (wood and brick), a couch and bed, posing stools, chairs, and more. Clients can access closets if needed.

Teed encourages clients to make an appointment to visit the studio.

He can be contacted via email (info@camerapaintbrush.com) or phone (954-226-6454).


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