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Coast Boutique: Showcasing Local Talent at Lauderdale by the Sea


Located in the heart of Lauderdale by the Sea lies Coast Boutique, a haven of unique treasures and locally crafted items that embody the vibrant coastal town. Founded in 2014 by Ina Marjakangas, this all-female, family-owned business has become a pillar of the community.

With a passion for supporting local artists, craftsmen, and manufacturers, Ina has created a space where talent thrives and customers experience a truly one-of-a-kind buying experience.

Inside Coast Boutique

Inside Coast Boutique there is a little something for everyone at all price points. Ina Marjakangas, the owner, has meticulously designed and adorned the boutique with utmost care. As soon as you enter, your senses are instantly captivated. The air is filled with a pleasing aroma, lively music resonates from the radio, and refreshing samples of rum punch and other tasty beverages are frequently available.

Ina proudly characterizes her shop as a truly local gem. Not only does she source most of her goods locally, but she has watched her business flourish from the ground up, primarily through word of mouth. She values her close relationships with local customers as well as tourists who visit the boutique to purchase local items unique to Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.

Coast Boutique Celebrates Local Artistry

One of the notable qualities of Coast Boutique is its commitment to sourcing products locally. Ina believes “it is important to understand the value of our dollar and what it can do for our community. When we spend money, we often don’t realize where our money is going or what it is impacting. I choose to buy local to support local businesses. It is a healthy way to look at your dollar, economy, and your community.”

Over the past decade, Ina has fostered close relationships with numerous local artists and crafters, creating a sense of community and shared success. She has a core group of artists and crafters that she has worked with for several years and she is constantly introducing new crafters, as well.

Ina is passionate about offering local artists a platform to sell their goods. In a market dominated by online retail stores like Etsy, Ina’s boutique gives local artists a chance to display and share their craft with locals and tourists alike. Ina says that all of her workers get training about each artist, so they can educate shoppers on the artist’s story, products, and more.

What began as a business endeavor has transformed into a “family affair,” where talented individuals come together to celebrate their unique skills and the vitality of the local community. Ina explains, “We’re more of a family than a transactional business.”

Giving Back: Purchase With a Purpose

Throughout the years, Coast Boutique has consistently prioritized giving back. They proudly carry a range of “purchase with a purpose” items, raising funds and awareness for important causes at home and abroad.

For example, Coast Boutique is currently carrying bracelets that support marine life organizations. When you buy a bracelet, you also get an app where you can track an animal that has been previously rehabilitated or tagged in the wild. You can track the animal all year long, and each animal has a foundation that the proceeds go back to.

Coast Boutique also sells beaded crossbody evening bags that benefit impoverished communities in India, woven beach bags made from 75% recycled plastic that benefit the workers who made them, a jewelry line that gives back to underserved communities in Guatemala, and more.

Ina says she has always wanted to do something that was bigger than herself, and it is important to her that she makes a difference in the community and beyond. She explains that “purchase with a purpose” makes her feel rich in her soul. “It puts meaning and purpose in my life.”

Coast Boutique
4404 N Ocean Dr Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL 33308


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