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Institute for Optimal Healing and Aesthetics: A Care Center You Can Trust


Oakland Park is home to the Institute for Optimal Healing and Aesthetics, a holistic care center that goes above and beyond to prioritize the well-being of its clients. Led by the passionate founder, Bertha Osorio-Campbell, this business is built on her personal holistic journey and experiences, enabling her to guide others on their own transformative paths.

Bertha possesses a comprehensive background, having extensively studied both traditional medicine and holistic forms of healing. Her dedication to knowledge and excellence led her to earn a Master’s degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Florida Atlantic University. She is nationally board certified by the esteemed American Nurses Credentialing Center. With over nine years of experience as a registered nurse in the intensive care unit, caring for adults and premature infants, Bertha also taught nursing students before stepping into her role as an advanced practice nurse.

Reception at the Institute

A Latina Owned Business

The Institute for Optimal Healing and Aesthetics is not just a woman-owned business; it is proudly owned and led by an Afro-Latina entrepreneur. Bertha, the driving force behind the institute, brings her unique cultural background and bilingual abilities to create an inclusive and empowering environment for all.

Bertha’s journey began in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, where she was born. At the age of four, her family immigrated to Florida in the 1980s, seeking refuge from the Sandinistas Revolution in their home country. Growing up in a diverse community, Bertha developed a deep appreciation for her Afro-Latina heritage and the value of cultural diversity.

Bertha at her grand opening

Fluent in both Spanish and English, Bertha’s bilingual skills enable her to connect with a broader range of individuals and provide comprehensive care to a diverse clientele. By breaking down language barriers, she ensures that everyone feels comfortable and understood throughout their healing journey. “I’m proud to see my very own community clinic where locals can come get treated and learn to take a holistic approach without being turned around or convinced it’s wrong”, Bertha says.

In January 2020, Bertha founded the Institute for Optimal Healing and Aesthetics, driven by her desire to offer more to her patients. In just one year, the business achieved remarkable growth. This achievement was a testament to her dedication, passion, and commitment to serving her community. Seeing her vision come to life and witnessing the positive impact she has on the lives of her clients fills Bertha with immense joy.

Grand Opening of the Institute for Optimal Healing and Aesthetics

Navigating the Pandemic: Serving the Community and Expanding Horizons

Little did Bertha know that the fulfillment of her dream to open the Institute for Optimal Healing and Aesthetics would coincide with the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the unforeseen circumstances, she embraced the opportunity to serve her community during these challenging times by offering COVID-19 concierge services that prioritized testing, IV Vitamin Infusions, and personalized care for COVID-19 positive patients in the safety of their own homes.

Driven by her passion for helping others, Bertha fearlessly provided vital assistance to over 250 patients, even in the absence of sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) and proper safety protocols. Her commitment to their well-being and the community’s welfare was unwavering.

As the world gradually emerged from the grip of the pandemic, Bertha expanded her services to include aesthetic treatments such as Botox, Fillers, and PRP Hair Restoration. Demonstrating her dedication to providing comprehensive care, she invested in the Cutera XEO, a state-of-the-art laser system, in 2021. This acquisition enabled her to introduce a range of innovative laser treatments to further enhance her clients’ well-being.

2021 also marked a significant milestone for the Institute for Optimal Healing and Aesthetics, as Bertha proudly unveiled her new, modern facility in Oakland Park, Florida. The grand opening was a testament to her unwavering resilience and determination to create a space that embodies excellence in holistic care and aesthetics.

Parenthood and Entrepreneurship

In June of 2021, Bertha made a life-changing decision: she wanted to embark on the journey of becoming a single mom by choice. Despite knowing that her business was still in its infancy and would face some hurdles, her biological clock urged her to seize the opportunity. Little did she know that her pregnancy would take an unexpected turn, leading to a period of physical and emotional challenges that would put her business and personal aspirations to the test.

During the next 7-9 months, her pregnancy demanded her full attention, leaving her unable to fully dedicate herself to the clinic. The times she managed to be present at the office, her mind was elsewhere, consumed by pregnancy depression and a sense of giving up on everything she had worked for. She questioned how her business would survive with minimal revenue during those difficult months.

Despite the setbacks and uncertainties, she made her dream of becoming a mother to a beautiful baby girl a reality. The journey of building a business and a family simultaneously was no easy feat. It required immense dedication, sacrifice, and the ability to adapt to unexpected circumstances. Though her business faced challenges and her revenue took a hit, Bertha remains steadfast in her belief that she can create a lasting legacy for her children through her entrepreneurial endeavors.

Bertha and Ava

Inspiring Well-being and Empowering Communities

Beyond her professional and maternal roles, Bertha is a passionate advocate for health and wellness. She devotes her time to volunteering and serving on reputable charities that share her mission of empowering individuals to elevate their health to new heights. One notable organization she founded is Mind Body Spirit, Reformers LLC. Through this initiative, she seeks to inspire and empower individuals, foster strong communities, and drive positive change in food systems to support both personal well-being and a healthier environment.

Campbell’s holistic approach to life extends beyond her professional and personal pursuits. She understands that true well-being encompasses the integration of mind, body, and spirit. Through her dedication to volunteering, promoting health initiatives, and prioritizing self-care practices like meditation and mindfulness, Bertha serves as an inspiring example of how individuals can achieve a harmonious and fulfilling existence.

Transforming Lives through Holistic Care

Bertha’s expertise lies in functional/integrative medicine, anti-aging, and hormone replacement therapies. Her dedication to enhancing the overall health of her patients is evident in her holistic approach, where she treats each individual as a whole, addressing their unique needs and concerns. “Our medical system is broken and it does a terrible job when it comes to truly helping people from a root cause standpoint. We do a disservice to our community when we prescribe prescription pill after prescription pill, knowing that their quality of life is not improving but in fact deteriorating”, she afirms.

With a focus on preventive and natural remedies, she excels in managing a wide range of conditions, from gut disorders to hormone imbalances, aiming to achieve optimal well-being for her patients. During our interview, she remembers of a mother whose 11 years old daughter was self-harming herlself: “The doctor placed the child on antidepressants, recommended some therapy and that was it. The mother came to me and told me her story. I did a full panel on the girl and realized that she had some major hormonal imbalances and was not receiving the right kind of therapy. With an individualized approach to her daughter’s imbalances and also the right nutrition plan, within a couple of weeks we saw drastic changes to her mood and her behaviors”.

Campbell further highlights the positive outcome of the girl’s treatment, sharing that she successfully stopped self-harming and was connected with the appropriate therapist specializing in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). By providing the right treatment approach, the child will not fall victim to medications that could potentially lead to significant side effects such as infertility, weight gain, and emotional flatness. Bertha passionately concludes, “This is the type of impact I have on my patient’s lives on a daily basis. This is my life’s mission!”.


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