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Rehaus Vintage Furniture Store: Local, Sustainable, and Eclectic


Saavy, web graphic designer Kelsey Curran fell into her vintage furniture business by accident. After purchasing her home in Andrews Gardens in 2016, Kelsey frequently purchased and switched out furniture pieces from Ikea, thrift and antique stores as a hobby. Quickly, she sold her recycled pieces to free up space for her revolving furniture purchases.

When the pandemic hit in 2021 and Kelsey’s husband, Jayson, was laid off, the two decided to sell vintage furniture from their home full time. As the business grew, the couple purchased a storage unit, then two units, then a warehouse and ultimately a 900 square foot storefront in November 2022. Kelsey ultimately moved to storefront so she could web design and display her antiques in an air conditioned environment simultaneously.

The couple are a team to this day, and may soon hire employees as the business grows. Husband Jayson delivers, picks up furniture, packs up antiques for shipping and manages the warehouse. They sell furniture including tables, lamps, cabinets, dressers, chairs, sofas, benches, consoles and home décor such as kitschy bowls and coffee table animal statues.

Revival of Old Ways: Online and In-Person Shopping Resurge

COVID supply chain shortages have spurred an interest in vintage/secondhand furniture, as new furniture is scarce. Kelsey herself frequently shops on Chairish, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up and Ebay.

Kelsey shares that her initial and current client base are 80% online shoppers, mostly 20-40 year olds. However, she also offers her older and local clientele in person visibility and browsing capability with her Main Street storefront showroom.

A Love of Travel Manifests in Diverse Antique Furniture Style

The storefront and warehouses also afford Kelsey space to store and ship her antique wares nationwide. She regularly displays new secondhand furniture she acquires by sourcing antique and thrift stores in the area and around her travel destinations. Some of Kelsey’s favorite travel destinations include Puerto Rico, South America, Europe and Africa.

She shares that travel and antique furniture acquisition go hand in glove. “There are always amazing styles to be found. Even if it is not your personal taste, every international style has its place. I love furniture and decor in each place. I wish I could travel with a trailer in each place!”, she says.

With Sofl’s art deco vibe, Kelsey also sources palm tree lamps, edgy red lip shaped couches, chairs shaped like a human tongue, hoop wire shaped chairs, wicker bureaus and animal accented home décor.

Personal Style vs Popular Trends

In a world where trends come and go, Kelsey takes a different approach, prioritizing her personal preferences over fleeting fads. At Rehaus, her passion for vintage furniture shines through in every carefully selected piece.

Kelsey’s affinity for vintage maximalism sets Rehaus apart. It’s a style that embraces boldness, vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and rich textures. Step inside Rehaus and experience a fusion of nostalgia and contemporary flair.

Each carefully chosen item tells a story, capturing the essence of a bygone era while fitting seamlessly into modern spaces. Kelsey’s dedication to showcasing the beauty of vintage maximalism creates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere where every piece is a statement in its own right.

Examples of popular 2023 trends include 1970s wooden and orange colored tables, silver and chrome accented handles and functional sofas with sectional recliners with foot rests for remote workers and online college students.

Recycled Furniture is Ecofriendly and Sustainable

Kelsey loves environmentally vintage furniture in lieu of mass produced furniture. Vintage furniture has character, and offers the buyer a weathered and often mysterious history. By purchasing and flipping furniture, lamps and home décor, she shares that there is less waste, less landfill accumulation and less pollution. Flipping is the process of purchasing vintage furniture online or at a consignment store to resell the pieces.

She expounds on antique furniture’s meaning. “Vintage furniture offers us a sustainable choice by celebrating the past and by protecting the future. It is timeless in that way.”

South Florida is a Perfect , Tropical Setting for Recycled Furniture Pieces

Florida’s huge population surge during COVID spurred moving sales and furniture flipping as northern transplants fled stricter NE states. Also, many retirees die in Florida, and their belongings go to auction as families purge. In fact, Kelsey uses an estate sale agent who prospects for her and purchases pieces for her in the tricounty area.

Kelsey shares that Main Street in Oakland Park is an ideal place for her storefront, with its growing, gentrified business climate and proximity to her home. She regularly markets with her next door neighbor Marisa Folz, of the clothing store The Wander Shop, with pop ups and Main Street one day marketplaces. She also plans to partner with the City of Oakland Park to donate a percentage of her sales back to the community at some point, but nothing is defined yet.

Kelsey foresees expansion of her Rehaus brand with additional warehouse space and possibly a larger storefront someday. When frequenting Main Street, a stroll through Rehaus is definitely a must!


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