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Oakland Park Public Projects Speeding Along


Exciting progress is underway in Oakland Park. Public projects are gaining momentum, bringing improvements and new amenities to the community.

In this development update, we’ll explore the latest advancements in three key initiatives: Wag Dog Park, Fire Station 9, and the North Andrews Gardens Community Center.

Wag Dog Park

The Oakland Park City Commission approved plans in April 2023 to purchase new equipment for Oakland Park’s second dog park which will be located at the north end of the Richard E. Giusti Heart Par Cours at 600 NE 38th Street, the southwest corner of NE 38th Street and NE 6th Avenue.

The new “Wag Dog Park” will have ten pieces of canine agility equipment which will provide a fun and safe space for dogs to play and promote a further sense of community among their owners.

Wag Dog Park will be a new addition at the Giusti Parcours.

Additional upgrades planned for the park include new parking on NE 36th Street. New sidewalks, drainage improvements, and the new equipment. Construction is well underway and is expected to be completed this December, 2023.

Park upgrades are part of the city wide effort to build for Oakland Park’s second century and provide new, high quality amenities to residents throughout the City.

Fire Station 9

The City broke ground on Fire Station 9 in January of this year. The foundations are installed, concrete has been poured and the exterior walls are up!

The new Station 9 represents an investment of more than $16.5 million dollars into public safety, fire and emergency medical services. The brand-new facility is being constructed at the northwest corner of NE 6th Avenue and NE 38th Street, three blocks east of the existing station located at NE 38th Street and NE 3rd Avenue.

Station 9 is the third bond project to go into construction as part of the City’s Comprehensive Facilities Plan.

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North Andrews Gardens Community Center

The new center will provide the community with a 6,000 square foot space equipped with a new kitchen, outdoor dining area, various sized community rooms and a computer lab.

Outside the building a new basketball court, playground equipment and additional off street parking will provide residents easy access and parking for the new facility.

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These are just a few of the public development projects currently in the works. Stay tuned to Living In Oakland Park for updates and announcements regarding these public as well as otherprivate projects currently in the works. 

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