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Botanica Ifa Aldebi Offers Spiritual Guidance and Religious Goods


Botanica Ifa Aldebi is a local shop that sells religious and spiritual goods catering to Osha, Ifa, and Espiritismo (Spiritism). Whether you’re looking to practice your religion that doesn’t have much representation in Oakland Park or you’re simply looking for spiritual guidance, this shop is your go-to destination.

Introducing the Owner: Carolina Ibarra

Carolina Ibarra is the owner of the Botanica Ifa Aldebi which opened in January 2019. Originally from Venezuela, she arrived in the United States about eight years ago and established her new life in Miami. As an immigrant, she endured various challenges, but worked hard and maintained a strong resolve to move forward despite her struggles.

It was always Carolina’s dream to open up her Botanica as she wanted to practice her faith and share her extensive knowledge with others. She wanted to serve a community that was peaceful, commerce-driven, and home to a diverse group of inhabitants. Carolina was constantly pushing, saving, and planning, and when she took a liking to Oakland Park, she found herself ready to open the shop.

Carolina considers herself a religious person who chooses to be good and positive toward others. She began practicing at the age of thirteen in Venezuela, where she says she had wonderful people teaching and helping her grow into the person she is today. In return, she hopes to be able to show others just how beautiful the Osha faith is.

About the Osha Religion

Osha is a religion based on Yoruba beliefs and traditions with some Roman Catholic elements added. Like every religion, faith is a very important part of any person’s spiritual growth, Osha teaches that every person has a destiny from God and that destiny is fulfilled with the aid of the orishas but at the end of the day faith begins with oneself.

Ifa is a philosophy system within the Osha practice, one is not better than the other and there are times both ideas cross paths due to the ceremonies Carolina offers. Carolina explains that “Ifa is a very important system, where the Babalawos (priests) with the guidance of Orula, ascertain the past, present, and possible future of their clients.”

Finally, Spiritism is the concept of communication with the spiritual world. One’s spirit is their energy and once a person passes away, their energy still is present in another form. The Osha religion teaches people to use the energy around them, consult with spirit guides (who some may call guardian angels), nature (plants, flowers, fruits, etc.), and, most importantly, faith.

Everything Botanica Ifa Aldebi Has to Offer

At Botanica Ifa Aldebi, the focus is on spiritual growth, well-being, and faith in the religion’s beloved Orishas. Orishas are spirits, who once were alive and have continued to help the world even after death. They all play an important role in each person’s destiny with God as they help guide people with the lessons they learned while alive. Each orisha is represented by nature base attributes, which God gave to them.

In Carolina’s Botanica, she provides one-on-one guidance with Ifa and Osha and is available to help others in their spiritual journey. She explains, “We’re spiritual beings that sometimes feel lost and unsure of what the next step in life is going to be.” The most popular services are Consultations with a Babalawo and consultations with Carolina herself through tarot cards.

The Botanica also offers group ceremonies that bring people together, but Carolina emphasizes that spiritual growth begins with oneself. “Once you become more active in attending ceremonies and/or get-togethers, you start to build your tribe.”

Botanica Ifa Aldebi also sells candles, soaps, perfumes, incense, statues, and other religious items.

You don’t have to practice Osha-Ifa to see Carolina for spiritual guidance. Carolina describes every part of her Botanica as an act of love. She goes on to explain that “being kind, understanding, and willing to help others doesn’t have to come from a religious view, sometimes the world just needs good people.”

Botanica Ifa Aldebi is located at 90 NW 42nd St, Oakland Park, FL.


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