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Spice Up Your Look With Shameless Soles Hand-Painted Custom Shoes


Shameless Soles is a new women-owned and operated business by Kelly Murphy, owner and artist, and her sister Kristen Murphy, who helps manage their social media. Kelly is a talented artist who paints custom shoes with whatever design the buyer desires.

Kelly, like millions of other Americans, struggled with addiction for a long time but fought hard to overcome it. In her recovery, she didn’t feel like she had much of a purpose, but she spent a lot of time drawing. Her girlfriend’s sister encouraged her to do something with her art, and suddenly, her art became her purpose.

As far as the brand’s name, Kelly says “I didn’t want to give it a random name – it had to be meaningful. I had so much shame for so long that I wanted to turn it all around and not look at stuff so negatively.” Shameless Soles reflects the idea that you don’t have to be ashamed about your past or your present struggles, you just have to hold on and turn your struggles into the motivation needed to make something of yourself.

Kelly’s family and girlfriend have been her biggest supporters and the primary motivators behind her successes.

Ordering Your Custom Shoes

Kelly makes the ordering process easy and enjoyable for her customers. She also works closely with each customer to get a thorough idea of what design they have in mind so she can create something unique and personal.

When you’re ready to order, you can send Shameless Soles a direct message on Instagram. They will talk to you about what type of shoe you want (Vans, Converse, slip-ons, etc.), what size you are, and the idea you have in mind for your custom artwork. Then, you can make a deposit that covers the price of the shoes themselves and pay the rest later or pay for them in full.

Kelly will get your shoes for you and begin working on a hand-crafted design that you and only you will have.  She will draw the design on paper, then paint it on the shoes using acrylic paint markers, a painting medium that makes for elaborate, detailed, and eye-catching designs.

Through Kelly’s work ethic and expressive artwork, it’s evident that she puts her heart and soul into each pair of shoes. She describes herself as a “perfectionist.” She says, “There have been two instances when I wasn’t happy with my work so I went out, bought new shoes, and re-did it. I don’t want anyone walking around with anything mediocre.”

Shameless Soles paints shoes for all ages, including toddlers, children, teens, and adults. The turnaround time is approximately 2-3 weeks.

Kelly’s Favorite Pair

Some people order shoes for fun or for style, but for others, their custom shoes carry sentimental value.

When asked about the favorite pair she has painted, Kelly describes a mother whose son had passed away. The last picture she had was her son wearing an anime shirt with a guardian angel statue. On one shoe, she painted the anime shirt. On the other shoe, she painted the guardian angel.

On the back of the shoes, however, Kelly painted a pair of anime eyes. She would later find out that the specific pair of anime eyes she painted were the same exact ones the boy’s sister had tattooed on her chest in memory of her brother.

What Makes Shameless Soles Unique?

There are other shoe companies out there who paint their own drawings on shoes and customers can pick and choose which ones to buy. But what makes Shameless Soles unique is that Kelly gets specific with her customers and can paint virtually whatever they want. “You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. Shoes can make or break your outfit, really!”, Kelly says.

You can’t get a shoe from a store with the same sentimental value as Shameless Soles’ shoes. Plus, walking around with art on your shoes is a great way to spice up any fit and express your personality! Order your custom pair by messaging Shameless Soles on Instagram today.


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