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Human-Centric Dog Training With Applause Your Paws: Improving Relationships Between Owners and Pets


Dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries and are thought to be loyal, intelligent, and empathetic creatures. If you’ve ever had a dog before, you understand just how special these furry animals become. Dogs are happy to cuddle with you and keep you warm at night as well as greet you when you get home with a wiggly tail and slobbery kisses.

But what happens when your dog creates more stress in the home than they do comfort or joy? Having a dog that doesn’t listen to commands and won’t pay attention can be frustrating. Even worse, having a dog that creates havoc in the home can take a mental and emotional toll on everyone in the household, eventually affecting human relationships, as well.

Living with a misbehaved dog can be a serious challenge, but there is an effective solution: human-centric dog training. Applause Your Paws, a dog training business in Oakland Park, has succeeded in helping numerous people improve their quality of life through enjoyable, connected relationships with their canine companions.

Miami’s Largest Reward-Based Dog Training Company Comes to Oakland Park

Applause Your Paws was founded in Miami in 2006 by female entrepreneur, Dee Hoult. In August 2021, they opened their Oakland Park location at 5149 NE 12th Avenue. The location consists of four experienced trainers and one assistant trainer.

While the dog training industry is notoriously unregulated, the trainers at Applause Your Paws hold themselves to the highest standard by achieving and maintaining the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) credential. The CCPDT is an established leader in humane, science-based dog training practices, and its certification marks a standard of excellence.

Dee Hoult founded AYP in Miami in 2006.

A Variety of Dog Training Class Options

Applause Your Paws offers humane, non-intimidating dog training to help people create a well-behaved dog. Some of their services include private lessons, group lessons, and board and train.

Private lessons are offered virtually anywhere, at home, in the facility, or even in public. During these one-hour sessions, training is 100% tailored to the dog and owner’s needs, providing education-based, hands-on work for the dog and owner.

Group lessons are held every Saturday on an open-enrollment-based schedule. The trainers work with no more than 10 dogs at a time to make sure they can balance time with each client equally. Classes are divided up based on skill level.

Finally, the board and train program, which usually lasts about 2 weeks, provides dogs with an extended period of time with the trainers to work on their needs. After boarding is complete, the trainers hold a one-hour private session with the owner to recap what they worked on and how to keep moving the training process forward. One month later, they offer an in-home private session to re-assess and support the owner.

Applause Your Paws also offers free evaluations and a free in-facility 30-minute evaluation for newly rescued dogs to help them and their new family get started on the right paw.

What it Means to be Human-Centric

Applause Your Paws stands apart from other dog training companies because they are human-centric. In other words, they believe that their human client’s needs are just as important as the dog’s.

According to Heather Sherman, trainer at Applause Your Paws-OP, “A lot of trainers put so much focus and energy on the dogs and not as much empathy on how challenging it can be for owners. We truly want to make sure the owner is involved and that the owner is growing alongside their dog.”

After a dog makes progress in training, Heather says it is common to see relationships between people in the home get better as their relationships with the dog get better. She says, “It’s nice to be a part of people’s lives in that sense. Seeing dogs grow – and the relationship with their owners grow – is my favorite.”

Start Dog Training With a Free Evaluation

The trainers at Applause Your Paws are genuine dog lovers, and they want nothing more than to help their clients establish healthy, communicative relationships. They are always inviting people who are curious about dog training to come in, meet them face to face, do a free evaluation, and obtain the right plan of action for their dog.

Every dog is different with their own set of needs, so there isn’t always a one-size-fits-all approach to training. But with Applause Your Paws, you can rest assured that your dog receives training custom tailored for them. Whether you’re curious about starting training or have some questions before you begin, Heather and her team are eager to discuss your situation with you and help you get started. You can visit Applause Your Paws in person or contact them at 954-514-7059.


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