Caprichos Mexicanos: Bringing Sweetness to the Community

The vibrant and warm atmosphere of Caprichos Mexicanos encapsulates every customer who eagerly steps foot into the culturally rich ice cream shop. The lime green walls and striking Mexican-themed decor adorns the shop with lively and exciting energy making the shop itself say “Bienvenidos”.

The shop is a family-owned business and the first of its kind here in South Florida. Caprichos Mexicanos is a shop that has been able to successfully integrate the tasty flavors of both the Mexican and Colombian cultures.

Selling homemade ice cream, popsicles, and juices used for their shaved ice you’ll find flavors and treats for everyone. While nestling themselves along State Road 7 in Fort Lauderdale, Caprichos Mexicanos has been able to build their very own family of customers and neighboring small business owners.

Colombian and Mexican Flavors Dancing on Your Tounge

The unique element of Caprichos Mexicanos are a culmination of both Colombian and Mexican flavors. Customers may come in for their sweet and spicy Magonada, but sometimes they’ll be entranced by their fruity and colorful Cholados.

Caprichos Mexicanos uses their fresh fruit to produce their delicious juices for their popsicles and ice cream. As a family, they designed their flavors and ice creams together. If you look at their fun and culturally rich menu you’ll see all of their homemade products, even the base for their ice cream is homemade. “A lot of places buy their bases and hydrate them. They’ll eventually mix in their flavors after”, says Estefania Farjardo, owner of the shop.

Estefania and her father Miguel are the owners of Caprichos Mexicanos.

Passion and Culture Making an Idea into Reality

Estefania Fajardo and her father Miguel have brought love and quality to their business with their passion for Mexican culture. A few years ago, they ventured to Mexico and learned how to make the delicious treats they sell today.

Though the eats are sweet, the process of bringing Estafania and Miguel’s mouthwatering idea to reality wasn’t. Starting a business during a global pandemic was certainly no piece of cake. From permits to construction, it took Caprichos Mexicanos about two years to become what it is now.

Making October 9, 2021, their official opening date, with the help of a private contractor, they were able to get the necessary permits signed off, Estefania said, “If it weren’t for that it would’ve been a long time of waiting.”

Though there were many trials and tribulations to starting their home away from home, at the end of the day Estefania and Miguel are more than happy to have Caprichos Mexicanos.

At The Juicy Heart of it All-Family

Estefania and Miguel put in the hard work to make their business what it is today. But, without the help of their family and each other, the heart of Caprichos Mexicanos would be hollow, “Everyone in our family contributed”, they say.

Miguel attended a school in Mexico to learn how to make the creamy treats they sell today and also improved/added to the shop’s structure. Estefania’s husband produced the signs and did the marketing, while their children came to work and help out where they could. Even Estefania’s mother flew in from New York to lend a helping hand. “We love the business, we’re always here. You’ll see me or my father here behind the counter”, Estefania adds.

Miguel is described as the heart of the shop, everyone knows him, and customers come to see and talk to him. His friendly presence moves Miguel to talk to each person who chooses to walk through their door, delivering a warm ‘Bienvenidos’.

Community Served in a Cup

Caprichos Mexicanos takes pride in their customer service, it’s their main goal once they open their doors. Caprichos is 50% quality and 50% customer service, and this is evident when you take a quick glance at their reviews. Their excellent customer service has built a community and family of patrons. “They know us, they know our names,” says Estefania. She makes sure that customers and families like her own have a happy and comfortable place to enjoy yummy treats like the Cholado.

But their community doesn’t end with their customers. The neighboring shops in Commercial Plaza have helped Caprichos Mexicanos along the way. Borrowing cups and tips from each other they have been able to keep each other afloat: “All the neighbors here are extremely nice and we’re constantly helping one another.”

Caprichos Mexicanos is a place where the customer can feel at home while experiencing a bit of culture packed inside their tasty treats. Their warm atmosphere and personality have allowed them to build a community within the Commercial Plaza and Tamarac area. And when it comes to advice on starting the business of your dreams Estafania had one thing to say, “While you’re alive and healthy, anything can happen. Anything is possible.”

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