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How One Mom Reached Her Pinnacle Designing Athleisure Wear


Like most mom’s, Mon’Shari Wilder is dedicated absolutely to being the best mother she can be. From the moment her son was born, she knew she wanted to be a part of every aspect of his life. She wanted to participate in his school activities and be able to provide him with after school or weekend activities.

However, in order to do this she needed to find a way to provide for her family while at the same time being able to have a flexible schedule. This desire coupled with her love for her family made her determined to find a way to make it all work and that’s how she reached the pinnacle.

The Origin of Inspiration

Mon’Shari has always been inspired by fitness and athleticism. She has remained active throughout her life, even while pregnant. She knew that she wanted to delve into athletic wear that would be comfortable and versatile. “Being athletic has always inspired me. I wanted to be a brand ambassador for other companies but this kick started wanting my own brand“, she says. She wanted to create something that would inspire women to feel comfortable enough to get back into shape or start a new fitness journey. She wants to inspire women to reach the pinnacle of their self defined success through perseverance while looking fashionable and comfortable.

It’s in the Name

Climbing the mountain as a family, reaching the top, beating struggles, and meeting goals have been ongoing themes in Mon’Shari’s life, the pinnacle of her success as an individual and as a parent. Mon’Shari grew up without a mother and she had a younger brother for which she had to cared. She knows first hand what it is to struggle and come out on top stronger and better.

Reaching the pinnacle of success in her personal life shaped decisions in her professional life. These experiences came out in her designs and resulted in very delicately chosen and well-thought-out designs for working out or simply lounging in comfort. She says it’s all about looking cute and comfortable while feeling empowered.

People have similar general goals, but everyone’s individual goals may be completely different. Everyone wants to work towards their own success, so why not reach the pinnacle in style ? Mon’Shari believes her purposeful athleticwear will inspire other women to start their fitness journey in comfort and style. For this reason she named her brand Pinnacle, to inspire others to reach the top.

The Collection

From start to finish from ideas, concepts, finding the right provider for clothing and inventory, from advertising and launching her website, and even coming up with the name and logo, it has taken Mon’Shari about 2 years to be where she is now. She is still a rising star trying to get her name and business out there for other women to be able to benefit from feeling empowered and fashionable in her clothing. She hopes that it will become women’s go-to garment helping them embrace their own successes or simply feeling comfortable at home no matter what lifestyle they lead. “I want women to feel comfortable while looking cute at the same time, whether they are working out in them or hanging out in them“, she says.

She continues saying, “My struggles, during this journey, were more emotional, I went through every emotion from being excited to being sad and discouraged and back to excited again. I felt like giving up, but then I remembered why I did this in the first place! I did have a few struggles with finding the right vendor to produce the product in a timely manner. Also I was purchasing samples that were not good quality so the search continued”. Her persistence paid off and soon she was able to create a product she was proud to put her name on and share with other women.


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