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Tri-Rail Strikes Car In West Oakland Park


Train Strikes Car

At approximately 8:00 am this morning at the intersection of Powerline and Prospect Roads the train track was shut down. On the south side of the intersection the Tri-Rail train was stopped. Soon after BSO and Oakland Park Fire Rescue arrived on the scene. A car had been hit by the train. 

Person Taken to Hospital by Fire Rescue

As the incident evolved, BSO and Fire Rescue accumulated near the scene of the collision. A stretcher was taken from the back of the Fire Rescue truck. Firefighters assisted one person in exiting the car. It is not clear if there were more people in the car, but based on the activity at the scene, it appears that only one person was taken from the car. 

The Investigation Begins

After the person was taken out of the car, BSO and Fire Rescue surveyed the wreckage. Most likely they were in the initial stages of gathering information about the incident. What was evident at this early point was that the car was hit on the back driver’s side.

A bystander on the side of the road said that, allegedly, the railroad safety barrier did not come down. Having crossed this railroad track about 45 minutes earlier and having caught the train, the safety barrier was working without issue at that time. Nevertheless, what actually happened will not be known for a while as the investigation is just beginning.


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