Jojo’s Flair Blooms with Dazzling Displays

Joanna “Jojo” was born in Chile but grew up in South Florida. She spent time in Denver, Seattle, and on the Island of Anguilla. Throughout her travels, she noticed the different types of flowers native to each terrain. The Denver daisies were among her favorite flowers, which are native to Colorado.

Jojo loved the tropical paradise in Anguilla where flowers such as plumeria, rose, and hibiscus bloomed. Her love of flowers led Joanna to start her own florist business in 2011, called “Jojo’s Flair.”

A Season of Fresh Flowers

Jojo is a nature enthusiast, and loves to showcase the beauty of the natural colors that come from the flowers themselves. Flowers represent a season’s color and energy. Often, she chooses them to suit a particular time of year.

In Spring and Summer, Jojo showcases flowers that represent happiness and optimism. Spring flowers illuminate with whimsical beautiful soft pastels. Beautiful pink tulips, carnations, and roses make spring bloom with romance, beauty, and femininity. As we summer approaches, Jojo’s Flair is ready to bring on the brightness! Vibrant colors shine in in roses, dahlias, peonies, and sunflowers!

Of course, no rules apply to the colors that you choose for your arrangements. Jojo works harmoniously with her clients to make their floral vision come to reality. Flowers make people smile, and Jojo loves to see how her designs bring joy to her clients.

Felicitous Flower Power

Working with flowers makes Jojo feel happy all the time. As she works with each flower, she learns the specific way to treat each type of flower. She explained the intricacy of steps in making an actual flower arrangement. It may be more than one would imagine.

“It’s kind of like science on how to process them,” Jojo remarked when talking about the treatment of different flowers. “Some flowers have thicker stems and some have thinner stems. Also, there are types of flowers, such as Hydrangeas that drink from their own petals,” Jojo stated.

Jojo And Her Flair

Since Jojo’s Flair opened its doors it has been an in-demand and popular florist in South Florida. Her arrangements are stunning and original. An arrangement by Jojo looks beautiful and garden-fresh. She likes to arrange them organically by accentuating the natural curvature of the flower and the way it flows. This accentuation of the flower’s shape makes her arrangements come alive. One can imagine them vibrantly blooming from the ground.

Bringing Jojo's Flair to Your Next Event

Orders are custom-made to suit the client’s needs. Jojo’s Flair provides flowers for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, holidays and more. It is recommended to place orders at least two days in advance. For larger events, such as weddings, the earlier you place an order the better. 

Flower Parties and Workshops

In addition to working special events, Jojo’s flair hosts workshops where you and your closest friends can make your own flower arrangements! What a fun way to spend a night out with your besties! Jojo will bring all the supplies, from the aprons, cutters and the flowers! 

More About Jojo's Flair

You can find out more information about Jojo’s Flair by visiting their website at to browse through some amazing floral arrangements. They are also active on social media. Visit their Facebook page at jojosflair and their Instagram at @jojosflair.

For inquiries on how to Jojo’s Flair to your next event or to plan your own flower workshop please email [email protected] or call (720) 556-8314. 

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