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Cafe LaVie Vietnamese: Live, Love and Eat!


Cafe LaVie Vietnamese is a new family-owned restaurant located in Boca Raton, Florida. The South Florida restaurant is a hidden gem and gives its customers a bite of authentic Vietnamese traditional cuisine. They proudly provide catering and delivery services throughout South Florida, including Oakland Park. Their cuisine maintains authenticity as they serve family recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Without compromising a bit of flavor, Cafe LaVie strives to deliver healthy food that nourishes the system. The Cafe LaVie family believes in and promotes a healthy lifestyle by serving the highest quality ingredients.

Cafe LaVie is known for treating its customers like family and cooking for them like family. When you eat their food, it gives you the same warmth as having your grandmother’s cooking. At Cafe LaVie their motto of Live, Love and Eat! is infused into every bite!

A Vision Comes to Fruition

Cafe LaVie Vietnamese is the product of sisters Tang and Kavie Tran’s desire to bring authentic and healthy Vietnamese food and culture to South Florida. They come from a long line of family members in the food business. Their aunt opened the first Vietnamese restaurant in Philadelphia in 1982.

The sisters first opened the doors of Cafe LaVie on October 27, 2021. Word spread quickly about Cafe LaVie’s food. It quickly gained a reputation for having some of the most delicious Vietnamese cuisines in South Florida.

The Tran sisters bring warmth, vision, and genuineness to the South Florida restaurant culture. Kavie Tran is a famous singer and model. She is creative, immensely talented, and proud to share her Vietnamese culture with South Florida. Trang Tran comes from over 20 years of experience in public health care. Her compassion for others and love of a healthy lifestyle reflects in the way she runs her business.

The sister’s live their personal motto: Love, Live, Eat! every day. These three words encompass the vision behind Cafe La Vie Vietnamese. According to the Tran sisters’ philosophy, here’s what it means to Love, Live, and Eat!


The Tran family cooks everything with love. They bring to your plate fresh, organic, and healthy ingredients and you can taste it in the food. Everything is made with the customer in mind,. Cafe LaVie has a ton of healthy, vegan, and gluten-free options. It is a very accommodating place for those with food sensitivities. There is no MSG in any of the ingredients.


You have to eat to live thus the LaVie in the name which means “Life.” The Tran family is keenly aware that diet plays a huge factor in health, longevity, and emotional well-being. So what they serve is healthy, invigorating, and fresh so that it supports a healthy lifestyle.  So eat well in order to live well!


Besides eating in order to live, one can also live to EAT! Eating brings joy, and you will love the fresh taste that Cafe LaVie offers in every wonderful bite. There is a wide array of flavors to try at Cafe LaVie Vietnamese!

Menu Highlights

Bubble Tea, I can say with sincerity as a bubble tea fanatic, that Cafe LaVie has the most delicious Bubble tea that I have ever experienced anywhere. It is creamy, fantastic, perfect, and full of robust flavor. They even have a dairy-free Bubble tea that is out of this world! You must try it.

Pho-Cafe LaVie makes everything from scratch including their delicious crystal clear flavorful pho broth. They have traditional options including meatballs made from scratch. Also, they have vegan pho and offer zucchini noodles for those that are watching their carbs, but still want a delicious texture.

Bahn Mi or Vietnamese Baguette plays a huge role in this light and airy sandwich which can be made with a variety of savory ingredients. The sisters use a recipe their aunt first used when they brought this sandwich to America in the 80s when she opened Philadelphia’s very first Vietnamese restaurant. Now South Florida diners can enjoy the Tran family favorite. If you want something light, savory, and affordable you must try Cafe LaVie’s Banh Mi.

Catering Services

Cafe LaVie offers a wide variety of Catering and services. Please contact them directly to discuss your catering needs. Whether you are looking to cater an office party, a bridal shower, or a wedding, Cafe LaVie will provide exceptional service.

The restaurant serves Boca Raton, Oakland Park and the entire South Florida area. Whatever your catering needs may be, Cafe LaVie Vietnamese will make your event special!

Experience Cafe LaVie Vietnamese Today!

Cafe LaVie Vietnamese is located at 5030 Champion Blvd D8, Boca Raton, FL 33496. They are in the Polo Club Shops on the right side of Publix. Their phone number is (561) 910-1495. You can follow them online and on social media! Be sure to add these pages to your bookmarks!

If you are in the mood for healthy and authentic Vietnamese food try Cafe LaVie.  Your taste buds and belly will be delighted. Remember for a happy life you must Love, Live, and Eat!

Cafe LaVie Vietnamese: 5030 Champion Blvd D8, Boca Raton, FL 33496


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