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Graciela Valdes Fine-Art Photographer: An Artist With a Passion for People


Fort Lauderdale-based, award winning photographer, Graciela Valdes’ passion is people. She jokes about being addicted to people. And if you have ever met or ever occasion to meet her you will understand why people are attracted to her too.

She is friendly and personable and her warm words captivate people like a warm hug. A session with Graciela goes beyond a photograph and is like an unraveling of the soul as she will help you discover and shine with who you are inside.

Every human being has a unique story, and Graciela thrives on connecting with each one of her clients. She is so well-know for this that  recently, she was on the TLC hit show “I am Jazz.” 

The Many Facets of Graciela Valdes' Work

Graciela’s work is more than what she does in a single photo session. Her photography allows her to explore the full spectrum of her creativity. In addition to photography, Graciela offers branding, commissions, and the highly intimate art of Boudoir photography.


Commissions include weddings, portraits, maternity shoots, product photography, graduations, and all types of celebrations. Graciela focuses on capturing the essence of these special moments so that there is a photographic record but one that also evokes the memories that made that moment so special.


Graciela Valdes’ branding photography comes with a custom branding analysis. A photograph can convey an image, a brand, and what makes them unique and creative. A branding session with Graciela is a perfect way to promote your business or service on social media.

Besides offering specialty commissions, and branding, Graciela Valdes Photography specializes in the Art of Boudoir. She is leading the path to the world of Boudoir today, by her inclusivity and intentions behind the art form. It is in these personal moments that a story is told, and Boudoir is so much more than feeling sexy. This is how Graciela became introduced to the alluring art form.

The Intimate Art of Boudoir

A History and Evolution of Boudoir

Boudoir is a stylized photo that is intimate and sexy. It originated as a painted art form focusing on implied nudity in a bedroom set. One of the earliest forms of painted Boudoir includes the oil painting “La Grande Odalisque” by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres created in 1814. His alluring nude was not a classical goddess but a concubine. This dramatic shift allowed a break from Neoclassicism into more exotic Romanticism.

In the 1920s, boudoir expanded into photographic forms beginning with the work of Albert Arthur Allen. He photographed subjects posing in captivating ways against lavish and opulent backdrops. During the 1920s, nude photography was not commonly accepted or legal in most places.

“La Grande Odalisque” by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres.

While this art of intimate portraiture has been around for a while Graciela became introduced to Boudoir photography in a moment of cosmic synchronicity. She was at Barnes and Noble and saw a book with a beautiful silky color and satin finish. It was “The Art of Boudoir Photography: How to Create Stunning Photographs of Women” by Christa Meola. After reading this book, she realized how a Boudoir session is transformative for the person in the picture.

Today, she is leading the path to the world of Boudoir, by her inclusivity and intentions behind the art form. Her website says “Boudoir isn’t about you look, it is about how you feel“. It is in these intimate and personal moments when a client bares their body and simultaneously their soul, that a that a story is told. That story is what Graciela strives to capture with each click of her camera’s shutter.

Graciela and the World of Boudoir Today

Boudoir tells a story and can be both cathartic and empowering. Graciela has done Boudoir photography for people healing from abuse and those who have gone through many different life changes. She has proudly photographed women before and after having a double mastectomy. No matter where you are in life, through happy or turbulent times, Graciela wants to give you lasting Boudoir photos to capture your spirit and so much more.

It doesn’t matter what size you are or your age. Graciela is opening and welcoming to people of all genders and is an ally for LGBTQ rights. Boudoir is for anyone that wants to tell their story in this intimate and personal way. So if you are interested in exploring the empowering experience of a Boudoir photography session let Graciela help you tell your story. 

A Luxurious Boudoir Experience

A Boudoir experience includes a planning session with Graciela, where she will get to know you and the story you have to tell. The photoshoot comes with a professional make-up artist and typically lasts about four hours. Photography subjects will also get a champagne toast!

Graciela Valdes is a treasured photographer and individual in our Oakland Park community. 

A Self-proclaimed People Love

Graciela, a local Oakland Park photographer and self-proclaimed people lover is also the ghost writer for people’s most intimate stories through her Boudoir sessions. Certainly one of a kind in our little city of Oakland Park, she is a treasure in her own right.

Be sure to follow her website and socials for the most up-to-date information and to schedule a booking today.

Graciela Valdes Fine Art Photography: 3536 NE 12th Ave, Oakland Park, Fl. 33334 | hello@gracielavaldes.com | | 954-790-7576.


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