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Think Escape Games: Oakland Park’s Premier Escape Room Experience


Are you looking for a fun way to exercise your mind? If you are you can visit Think Escape Games located right here in Oakland Park. Think Escape Games will have your mind bending, twisting and turning as you solve an interactive puzzle!

In an escape room, you and your team need to figure a way to get out of the room within a set time limit. There will be clues given, and your group will need to solve puzzles and use their brainpower to find a way out.

At Think Escape Games you and your crew can even order drinks with the push of a button as you play the game. Each escape room has stunning visual imagery and tells a story within its unique puzzles. There are also virtual options where you can play games in the comfort of your own home.

Games are reasonably priced at $35 per person. Here are some of the current games that Think Escape Games offers.

Games You Can Play at Think Escape Games

Mayan Ruins

This is a visually beautiful game that is intricately designed by hand. It is a great game for beginners and advanced players alike. The story takes you to an excavation site in the Mayan Ruins.

The excavation team has left all of their belongings, and it appears they have vanished. There are rumors of lost souls that still dwell at the site. Be careful not to wake Ah Peku, the Mayan God of Thunder!

The Dollhouse

The Dollhouse is a horror-based game that has been sold out every day. This game transports you to the old Wilburg House. There was an old woman living there who was haunted by her memories. 

All of her children mysteriously died, and she substituted them with dolls! As you try to escape and navigate through her memories, everywhere you look you will see creepy dolls in different settings, and you must find a way to escape.

The Study

In The Study, you are part of an elite team that has been sought after to capture the infamous Chainsaw Bob. You must meet the head private investigator in his office. There, he will show you evidence and give you clues to help you escape. Be careful, you must stop Chainsaw Bob before you yourself are in peril!

Mutant X

This is the most challenging game that Think Escape Games has. It is rated 9 out of 10 in difficulty. You will be part of a top-secret underground military base. They have been holding mysterious experiences.

There are rumors of plutonium being used on test subjects, and you are at risk of contamination. You must find your way out before turning into some kind of a mutant!

Online Games

Think Escape Games are also available to play online. The online escape rooms can be played with numerous amounts of people. The rooms are amazingly digitized to make a 3D print, giving you the exact dimensions of the room. 

Playing from home is very similar to playing online. You can play the online version with or without a game master. The game-master is a live person who will give you hints as you play. If you play without a game master, the system will give you automized clues as you go.

Are You Really Trapped?

Rest assured the doors are never truly locked. At any time you can push open the door to exit during the game. The rooms are very large and give you plenty of room to strategize. All games are private as well.

Whether you are a group of two or eight you will have the entire experience to yourself and won’t be put in a room with strangers. This makes Think Escape Games very unique as most escape rooms will fill their room with the max amount of players leaving you playing with strangers, but not at Escape Games. It is all about you and your friends finding a way out.

Player Recommendations

You can make advanced reservations at ThinkEcapeGames.com. The games are suitable for all ages, and children under fourteen are recommended to be accompanied by an adult. Every in-person game is set for two to eight players. The ideal number of players is four to five. Set aside about an hour for each unique escape experience.

This is a perfect activity for a date or an evening out with family and friends. There is also a comfortable lounge area and bar where you can get drinks at any time. Whether you are an escape room enthusiast or just looking for a different and unique experience, Think Escape Games will give you and your team fun memories to last a lifetime.

Meet the Owner Michelle SanJuan

Michelle SanJuan is the owner of Think Escape Games. This young businesswoman got into escape rooms years ago. She fell in love with the concept, and has played almost 200 games herself! “The escape rooms that have really inspired me are Nexus Escape Rooms, Red Button and TryNEscape”, says Michelle. Those inspirations made her to open her own Escape Room, and Think Escape Games came to fruition in 2015.

Michelle has a background in many different career fields and this has helped her figure out exactly what the consumers want. It is her love to make people happy and to have a fun and memorable experience!

Are You Ready to Play?

Think Escape Games is located at 2635 E Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale FL 33306.

You can check them out on Social Media! Here are links for you to bookmark:


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