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Sarah Glass Ceramics: Be A Pottery Artist for a Day or More!


Do you remember the sensual, iconic pottery wheel scene with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in the 1990 movie Ghost? Moore plays Molly, a pottery artist and longtime girlfriend of Sam, played by Swayze, who is murdered as he discovers a drug money laundering scheme conceived by Sam’s nefarious boss Willy Lopez.

Real life pottery meets movie fiction ceramic arts at the lovely Sarah Glass’ ceramic studio in the heart of Fort Lauderdale.

Sculpting Ideas

Have you always wanted to pursue an artistic project like pottery or sculpting in adulthood, but wondered where to go or if you aged out of an artistic endeavor? Real life pottery and ceramics artistry/classes for all ages are brought to life at the electic, earthy Sarah Glass Ceramics studio in downtown Fort Lauderdale Arts District known as MASS (Music and Arts south of Sunrise).

Pottery artist and Plantation native Sarah Glass is a self taught pottery artist since age 5. Sarah donned a pottery wheel at age 13 and now, at 27 years old, she has her own art studio. Glass describes herself as a troubled teen, and pottery afforded her a positive, enriching art form in which to channel her attention. She never formally went to art school, but learned to love the ceramic world through the support of her mother, also an artist, and her two older brothers.

After several studio endeavors in the South Florida area, Glass decided on Flagler Village as the home of her ceramics studio due to the area’s grassroots vibe. Sarah Glass Ceramics studio launched its 8 pottery wheel facility largely from donations from other ceramic artists.

Activities at the Studio

Glass offers pottery wheel and pinch pot (manually sculpted ceramics suitable for kids and adults) classes at her studio. Children’s birthday parties (under parental supervision), couple’s date night ceramic making, corporate team building ceramics and senior citizen ceramic making are all readily available at the venue. Glass even offers a once a month movie night on her rooftop (alfresco) overlooking Flagler Village as a free community service.

Fundamentally, ceramic making increases manual dexterity for senior citizens, children and middle aged people, decreases stress and anxiety, and builds confidence and team building. Wheel use increases finger/hand dexterity and movement for middle aged and senior citizens, and clay formations amplifies children’s self confidence and hand/eye coordination.

Beyond Bowls and Plantars

Ceramic students create the obligatory bowls and plantars, but, in addition, tilemaking and jewelry are other possibilities at Sarah Glass Ceramics.

Ceramic students at the studio can accomplish a new art skill (pottery making) and a sense of confidence. Clay Bae merchandise is for sale at her studio, and the proceeds are collected for domestic violence survivors, a meaninful cause for Glass.

Sarah personally uses the kiln to dry the pottery and assists students with their individual sculpting and creative artistry.

Misfortunes Brought by Covid

Sadly, Glass’ studio was shuttered in March 2020 due to the pandemic. She launched zoom online classes with DIY pinch pot kits available at her front studio door for pickup (for social distancing purposes). Her students gravitated to these remote options during her 4-5 month lockdown closure.

The whole situation and the distance from the students may have been frightening at first, but thanks to technology, classes could be held via Zoom. “Zoom class was great! I did one with the NSU Art Museum and it was super fun! Great to see everyone”, said Sarah.

Looking Ahead to the Future

Glass dreams of an art therapy degree as a future career goal. In addition, she envisions an onsite art gallery or a dedicated showroom. At the moment, Sarah’s wares sell at the Fort Lauderdale Art Museum and in her studio lobby.

She heads up the all female Fort Lauderdale public art board and is the youngest member/chairwoman.

Art is therapeutic for sure, and Glass adamantly believes that the pottery wheel imitates life. With her spirited dedication to ceramic and wheel pottery and her loyal, generous students, Glass feels optimistic that her studio will flourish. “We are very excited about a recent expansion and monthly pottery markets. We are looking forward to the new year!”, she said.

"Life is just like potter’s clay, it gets shaped by our own hands".

Glass works by appointment at her studio and offers single classes and a monthly membership that includes a 15 lb bag of clay, a shelf for the student, tools, and dip glaze. For more information, check SarahGlassCeramics.com.

Sarah Glass Ceramics: 901 Progresso Drive, Unit 209 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304 | Phone: 954-498-6534


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