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Teen Faces Felony After Bringing Gun To Northeast High School


School Shootings On the Rise

When we send our kids to school each morning, we hope and trust that they will be in a safe learning environment. However, for years now, that trust and that hope is slowly being broken down by the unending series of school shootings, which according to the Sandy Hook Promise organization is uniquely American phenomenon. While delving into this phenomenon is a completely different matter, the signs that lead up to these shootings are evident, in most cases, long before.

Thankfully, Broward Sheriff’s Office Threat Management Unit detectives were alerted to a threat at Northeast High School and the potential of a school shooting right here in Oakland Park was, thankfully, thwarted. 

Odor of Marijuana Leads to Fire Gun

According to detectives, on Wednesday January 19 at around 10:30 a.m., the student in question was summoned to the front office to discuss his grades. 

A strong smell of marijuana emanated from the students backpack and that led school officials to investigate further.  Officials searched the student’s personal belongings where they found a firearm with ammunition. BSO Threat Management Unit detectives were immediately called in. They arrested the student, who know faces felony charges. 

Student Faces Felony

According to detectives, the 16 year old male student stated he did not bring the gun to school with the intention of using it there. He said that he carried it for protection on his walk to and from school.  Because of the severity of the finding of a gun with ammunition, detectives took  took the young man to the Juvenile Assessment Center. He was charged with a felony for possessing  a firearm on school property.

Report Any Potential Threats

It is impossible to know what intentions the student had in mind when he brought the gun to school. If he really is scared on his way to and from school then this is also very serious and mandates further investigation as he could be a victim of bullying and also deserves to be protected and to feel safe.

One thing we can be certain of is that given the severity and frequency of school shootings in the United States, it is eminently important that any and all threats are taken seriously and reported. Only in this way can we hope to thwart more threats in the future. 


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