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Delightful Fruit Flowers: An Enchanting Surprise


Life can often take unexpected and serendipitous turns when one least expects it. This was the case for Delightful Fruit Flowers’ very own’s owner, Carolina. Delightful Fruit Flowers is located at 115 NW 43rd Court in Oakland Park. They specialize in creating one of a kind edible works of art. Do you like floral arrangements? Carolina and her staff will create something to wow people, but even better, is you get to eat and savor this fruitful art!

Carolina was not the original owner. Once upon a time, she came from her home country, Chile. She relocated in Oakland Park in 2001 where the company she worked for was located. It was around 2004, 2005 that new owners took over. It is a franchise and eventually, Delightful Fruit Flowers had a second owner for about a year with different managers. The locale closed and the property was sold. But the serendipitous chance for Carolina came gradually, unfolding before her very eyes when she took opportunities in baby steps.

The Metamorphosis of an Owner

When Delightful Fruit Flowers closed their doors, for what seemed to be forever, Carolina made inquiries about purchasing some of the products, so it wouldn’t go to waste. She did so, and then asked about purchasing some of the equipment as well.

At her husband’s urging, they looked into the purchase of one of the companies remaining vans. Seeing as both her husband, Rodrigo and she had their own vehicles each, she was not quite sure what they would do with an extra vehicle. Rodrigo softly pushed her towards asking the former owners about taking some supplies, and then after careful thought, she approached them about renting the space and taking over as an owner.

Carolina wasn’t sure how she would get the money, but she says, “The timing was just right. We somehow had some money pass through our hands, and it felt right”. When she made the proposal to take over the space, she was told, “We were wondering when you were going to ask us!”.

It was meant to be, and Carolina became the proud owner of Delightful Fruit Flowers. She opened her doors, as owner, on August 14, 2014. She has since been serving Oakland Park residents to help them celebrate all occasions in their lives. Her husband has the foresight to see her as owner, while Carolina felt like it was a surprise transformation, or metamorphosis, unfolding slowly before her.

Not Without Hardships

Delightful Fruit Flowers sits on NW 43rd Court in Oakland Park. Carolina has been blessed with a strong and loyal clientele. However, the pandemic did affect her business, as most of us have felt it some way or another. Thankfully she has bounced back, but another issue stands in her way.

Street work and new plans on NW 43rd street has caused the street to become a one-way street. Now instead of driving up a simple way directly onto the property, customers must drive around the block and go one way. But if one does not know this, or is unfamiliar with the area, one could easily miss the storefront altogether.

Still, Carolina works diligently and hopes to get the word around that they are very much a presence in Oakland Park.

Delightfully Busy

Carolina and her crew work hard to please the customer. Her busiest moments are around major holidays, starting with November for Thanksgiving. During the month of December, she is also busy fulfilling orders for Hannukah and Christmas, but making sure to celebrate all winter holidays. By February, she is busy making arrangements for Valentine’s Day, and then she’s busy into Spring where she is busy getting orders in for Mother’s Day and Easter.

The good news is how easily one can attain a beautiful arrangement of edible art from her and her staff. Carolina has her year-round staff, but she also employs 3 or 4 additional people to help around the holidays. These are people she has worked with in the past when she was an employee and not yet an owner. If you wonder how far in advance one needs to place an order, the wait is not that long!

Take My Order, Please!

Carolina works with the freshest ingredients possible, so calling ahead a few days ahead is great. One can even call in the morning of the day of desired delivery. One can even call up to 2 hours ahead to see if she can whip something up for pick up. For early morning pick up orders, one can arrange details with her the night before. But just keep in mind busy times like the holidays. Rest assured, if Carolina sees that she can make it happen, she will.

Carolina’s most rewarding experience is seeing the smiles on clients’ faces when they pick up orders. If she or her staff are delivering orders, she will send pictures of the arrangements before they are packaged and seals, and another once it is all arranged for transport. She will often get a text back in appreciation and awe at the beauty, and satisfaction, of the client. Carolina handles every order with precise care, and she emphasizes on how important the wrapping process is.

She makes sure that from the fruit buying to the delivery, the whole process needs to be precise and handled with care, meeting the desires and expectations of her clients’ requests. Every order is unique whether she is replicating a former order, or she is creating a new artistic arrangement. If a client asks for specific details, she will make sure to do whatever possible to make it happen.

The Best Ingredients

Carolina cares so much about her business and making sure her clients are fully pleased with their order She only buys the best and freshest fruits for her arrangements. Her fruits are brought in by a provider in large quantities, but there are times she visits places like BJ’s to ensure only the freshest produce possible.

Their delivery service is often over by 5 or 6pm, but some clients specifically request evening or night delivery on extra special occasions. If this agreement is made, Carolina wants the client to be confident that her fruits will still be fresh for evening or night deliveries.

Returning customers can attest to this and know they can call in the morning and the fruits will still be fresh that same evening or night.

Delivering Far and Wide

Delightful Fruit Flowers serves Broward County as well as Miami Dade, and Palm Beach counties. For customers that she has had since 2014, Carolina has even delivered all the way to Stuart! Her van has even traveled all the way to Isla Morada as well!

Take a look at Carolina’s creations on her Facebook page or her Instagram @delightful_fruit_flowers. You can even visit their website: www.delightfulfruitflowers.com.

Carolina and her staff can recreate a former design, or with your input, she can create a new custom order just for you! Just call them at 954-568-7051 to get started on your arrangement. It’s a sweet, fruitful deal!


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