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Do you have a good story about the history of Oakland Park? What was your favorite restaurant or hangout? Do you remember life before air conditioning and pest control? Are you the owner of a longtime business in the city? Tell us about the history of your neighborhood? When and why did you and your family come to Oakland Park?

Local Historian Needs Your Help!

Susan Gillis here, longtime resident of Oakland Park and local historian. I have been asked by the City of Oakland Park to do research for a new book on the history of our great city.

We are looking for input of our citizens on all aspects of local history – businesses, schools, recreation, churches, neighborhoods, local politics and so on. We want to hear your stories about living in Oakland Park. 

We are also very anxious to be as inclusive of the diverse people that make up Oakland Park today. Do you have a story about the days of segregation? About the growth of the gay community? How about the Hispanic community? We would love to hear from you and document your experiences.

We also are looking for photographs and images that reflect the history of the community. I would like to arrange to borrow images so that we can scan them high resolution for possible publication and then, of course, return them to you.

We Want to Hear Your Tales

If you would like to be a part of this project, please email [email protected]. I will be reaching out to you via phone or email to hear your tales of the long ago and recent past. Remember yesterday is history! Join us as we quickly march towards Oakland Park’s centennial year in 2029!

Be a part of Oakland Park online!

* is an independent publication, not affiliated with the City of Oakland Park.

About the Author

Susan Gillis

Susan Gillis

Susan Gillis is a local historian, museum curator, and museum consultant. She is the author of seven books on local history and oversaw the cataloguing and digitization of the City of Oakland Park’s Historical Archive, housed at the Ethel M. Gordon Oakland Park Library. She has been commissioned by Oakland Park to research and write a new narrative history of Oakland Park.

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