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Jenny With The Pot is Serving Up The Best Birria Tacos in South Florida


Are you and your friends looking for a local business to support while satisfying your cravings for Taco Tuesday? Jenny With The Pot has you covered. With a name inspired by the one and only Jennifer Lopez (Jenny From the Block), freshly crafted birria tacos by the talented chef Jennifer, and an authentic recipe that nobody can beat, you’re not going to want to miss out on this one.

Jenny With The Pot is a new pop-up taco restaurant that got its start during the COVID-19 pandemic. Faced with unemployment, bills that simply don’t stop, and the need to feed a family, Jennifer and Keith, the owners of Jenny With the Pot, decided to take advantage of Jenny’s skill set as a chef and start serving her delicious birria tacos to the South Florida community.

Authentic Birria Tacos

Jenny With The Pot isn’t your average taco pop-up. They stand out because they make authentic Mexican birria tacos — a dish that Jennifer explains no one else is currently making in the area. Birria is a traditional Mexican soup or stew that contains meat and spices. Birria tacos are filled with the stew’s juicy, tender meat, dipped in a thin layer of fat that floats to the top of the birria stew, fried on a griddle or pan, and served with consomé on the side. They have a crispy exterior with a juicy, flavorful inside.

According to Jennifer, everything is made to order, 100% fresh, and never frozen. “Apart from our distinct flavor and crunch, it’s the style of taco, the crunchiness, the juiciness, and tastiness that hits the spot.”

From the Mexican Street Corn (Elote) to the tacos, the flavor and quality are always top-notch.

What It’s Like Operating a Taco Pop-Up

As a fairly new company, the pop-up model has worked well for Jenny With The Pot. They have developed relationships with local businesses like Fat Tap Beer Bar and Brewery and Broski Ciderworks where they serve their tacos regularly.

Jenny With The Pot’s birria tacos are known for their crunch and their juiciness, which means every taco must be made as it is ordered. While customers are waiting, they are able to grab a tasty beer or cider from the bar or hang out at the venue where the pop-up is stationed. Fat Tap Beer Bar and Brewery, where Jenny With The Pot was stationed every Tuesday night for several months in 2021, even “had a great outdoor vibe where you could play games like Jenga and beer pong.”

According to Jenny and Keith, “The most rewarding part is the customer satisfaction. When customers come to us mid-way through their tacos or directly afterward and say ‘OMG these are the best freakin’ tacos I’ve ever had in my entire life,’ it tells us we’re doing something right.”

In the future, they look forward to participating in local events to offer their tacos to the world.

Jenny’s Most Popular Taco Dish

Not sure what to order when you go visit them? Well, Jenny With The Pot’s most popular dish is the Sampler. “The beauty of the Sampler is that it consists of two Birria Tacos. They can be both beef, both chicken, both veggie, or a mix.”

By trying different proteins, you can find the one you like most while sampling the different flavors this unique pop-up has to offer.

While the tacos run the show, you can’t forget about the Mexican Street Corn (Elote). Served on the cob and cooked to perfection, it’s the perfect side dish to accompany your tacos.

When and Where to Get Your Mouth Watering Birria Tacos

Jenny and Keith encourage you to go check them out. They are close with all of their customers, constantly growing, and looking to expand. They also cater to different markets and look forward to building something special together with all of their clients – something they call “Ubuntu” or “togetherness.”

While Fat Tap Beer Bar has since closed its doors, you can follow @jennywiththepot on Instagram or check out their Facebook to keep up with additional pop-up times, locations, and business updates.


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