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Oakland Park Swears In First Black Mayor and Black Vice Mayor Team


Oakland Park Embraces Diversity

As Oakland Park comes of age and nears the second century of its existence, one thing has become clear: Oakland Park is a City that not only celebrates but embraces diversity.

Last night on the steps of City Hall, before the swearing in, David Hebert, the City manager delivered a very impassioned speech about the City’s commitment to diversity. Hebert underscore how it has been a rough 2 years because of COVID, but as a city, together, we overcame it. Lastly, he shared his hope that things are beginning to return to some normalcy. After he concluded his speech, City Clerk Renee Shrout swore in the City Commission, including Oakland Park’s first ever black Mayor and black Vice Mayor duo.

Michael Carn being sworn in | Photo by Tami Wray.

A Historic Moment for Oakland Park

Before Michael Carn was sworn in as Mayor and Aisha Gordon sworn in as Vice Mayor,  outgoing mayor Jane Bolin was sworn in again as a City Commissioner. After Bolin’s swearing in, Gordon was sworn in as Vice Mayor. Finally, in a historic moment for the little City of Oakland Park, Michael Carn was sworn in and the City had for the first time a black Mayor and black Vice Mayor duo leading the City.

In the past, Allegra Murphy served as Oakland Park’s first black Vice Mayor and then became the City’s first black Mayor. However on this occasion, it is the first time the City has had both a black Mayor and a black Vice Mayor at the same time. 

The New Mayor Honored to Serve Oakland Park

After Carn was sworn in, he delivered a speech in which he emphasized the entire Commission’s commitment to the City and that they would begin working tonight for the benefit of Oakland Park.

"We've come tonight as a team...We've come to celebrate you. We don't come with any semblance or sense of individuality. Tonight, tonight is not about either one of us singularly, but it is about this tribe. It's about the opportunity afforded to us by you, the citizens of Oakland Park, to serve you in servant leadership at this time, in this place, and in this space. We are grateful to you".

A Short-Lived Term

While Carn underscored his commitment to serve all citizens of Oakland Park, he will only be doing so until February of 2022. On the website for his campaign to serve as the representative for Florida House District 94, Carn shares the following: “Dear Friends: I will proudly end my second term of elected public service in 2022 as the Mayor of Oakland Park. And, to that end, I am excited to share with you that we have begun the transition to our Next Season of Service – as a candidate to serve the citizens of Florida House District 94 as their Legislative Representative”.

Once Carn resigns as Mayor, Vice Mayor Aisha Gordon will be sworn in as Mayor. She will serve the remainder of Carn’s term and then serve her own 12 month term. 

Vice Mayor Aisha Gordon will be sworn in as Mayor once Carn resigns.

Best Wishes for the Future

We wish the new Mayor, Vice Mayor and returning commissioners the best as they enter into a new chapter in their public leadership roles. 


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