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Spy Shops: Your Ally in the Search for the Truth


Spy Shop surveillance, nestled right on Oakland Park Blvd in Wilton Manors, has been a fixture in South Florida for 40 years. 

It might seen like a Hollywood movie, where the guy suspects his spouse is cheating. Instead of hiring a detective, he decides to it do all by himself. He ends up at Spy Shops and buys a bunch of spy equipment. In the end… Well, this part we’re gonna leave for your own imagination. But this kind of story doesn’t happen only in the movies. In fact, Spy Shops wouldn’t last the long if such stories weren’t real. 

Now grab your binoculars and your hidden camera pen and read the tale about how for the past 40 years Spy Shops became many a wronged spouse’s ally in their search for the truth. 

1980s: Spy Shops Comes to South Florida

The original owner of the Spy Shops was native of Montreal, Canada. His spy shop concept was truly unique because he was a spy industry innovator, largely because he manufactured his own equipment.

He had an alarm business in Canada during the 1970s. When he relocated to Bayside in Miami, in the 1980s, he opened several Spy Shops around South Florida, including one in the Swap Shop before moving back to Canada in 1995. 

Facing Changes Over the Years

The nature and sophistication of surveillance products have changed dramatically since the 1980s. A key to Spy Shops longevity has been embracing new technologies. In the 1980s, spy equipment was linked to landlines, VCR, videotapes and traditional cameras. Image quality was grainy and lacked clear resolution. Today, wifi and crystal clear digital images/frequencies are the reality. So now Spy Shops carries sophisticated trackers, video cameras, DVR, night vision and bug sweepers and more. 

You Can Always Get What You Want at Spy Shops

So just imagine you are that husband that found out about his spouse cheating, you could surveil – how would you surveil the cheater? Well whatever you envisions you can always get it at Spy Shops. Do you want to track them cheater and see where they have their secret rendez-vous? Pick up a GPS tracker and see where they go and when.

Do you suspect they are doing the deed right in your own house? Well, then pick up a hidden camera doubling as a smoke detector or tissue box or even a dictionary. Are you skillful at hiding things, then pick-up a couple cameras and spread them around the house to see what kinky deeds occur while you are not around. 

Would you prefer to take a more technological approach and retrieve data from a computer or smartphone? Pick up some software and retrieve passwords and deleted history. 

And if you happen to be the cheater, Spy Shops has services of which you can avail yourself. For just $250 an hour they will sweep your home, office, or wherever for bugs so you can make sure you are not the one being watched. 

If you decide you need to spy but are not interested in doing it yourself, Spy Shops offers PI services too. 

So you see, you can always get what you want at Spy Shops.

Additionally, Spy Shop offers an exclusive line of equipment not available to the general public but exclusively for police departments and governmental agencies.

These items include self protection items such as air tasers, pepper sprays, stun guns, home and nanny security cams are also available.

Cheating Suspicious Make Clients Seek Spy Shop

Well, we’ve used infidelity in this article to help you envision why a person might visit Spy Shops, but it is a good example because marital infidelity is the number one reason clients seek out the Spy Shops. 

The clients that suspect cheating spouses are mostly men. In fact, 95% of their business constitutes spousal cheating inquiries. Government and police department surveillance and self protection wares make up the rest.

Beating the Big Box Competition

Just like most things, surveillance equipment can be found on Amazon and other online sites. But most of the time  they lack the superior resolution and quality of the custom made items sold at Spy Shops. Plus no online retailer offers the hands-on training and support that Spy Shops offers its clientele.

The owners offer 24/7 after hour phone access, hands on equipment training to their clients and sweep services, in home/car service to detect surveillance equipment. This personalized 24/7 service is what makes the difference between Spy Shops and the big box stores.

Spy Shops: Your Ally in the Search for the Truth

Hopefully you will never find yourself in the position of our imaginary spouse. But if you do, you now know who your greatest ally can be in your search for the truth, the one and only, Spy Shops.  

Spy Shop: 600 W Oakland Park Blvd | Fort Lauderdale, FL 


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