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Lashism: The Art of Long Beautiful Lashes


Lashism is a distinctive eyelash extension system, technique, philosophy and artistic movement.

People have been trying to find ways to lengthen their eyelashes for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians adorned themselves with make-up on their eyelids and lashes. Eye make-up was proudly worn by Egyptian men, women, and children alike to show wealth and status. The type of make-up they used on the lashes of ancient Egyptians also helped protect their eyes from the hot sun.

In the 19th century, Parisians used to sew hair through the skin around the eyelashes! The 20th century brought less painful options, and strip lashes were all the rage. In the 1960s, the world-famous supermodel Twiggy wore them on her upper and lower lashes!

The practice of modern eyelash extensions is pretty new. These modern eyelash extensions are different from previous methods. The intricate and luxurious beauty treatment of having lasting lashes applied one at a time originated in Korea in the late 90s or early 2000s. For the first time, clients had long-lasting lashes without the need to glue them on themselves. The pain-free and stress-free beauty treatment was once a well-kept Korean beauty secret. But a secret this good can’t be kept secret for long! It quickly made its way to neighboring Japan and first crossed over to the Americas around 2004.

The Start of Lashism

Mia is the owner of the stylish and chic Lashism salon in Oakland Park, Florida. The Japanese native first received her master tech certification in 2010. She is a talented lash artist, with a keen attention to detail, artistry and cleanliness. This is how she got started in the growing and exciting world of eyelash extensions.

In the early 2000s, Mia divided her time between Tokyo and the United States. On one such visit to Japan, Mia went to see her family. Upon seeing her mother’s face she noticed something was different. Her mother’s eyes glowed with a youthful vibrancy. Mia found out that she had gotten eyelash extensions.

Her mother explained that eyelashes are carefully applied one at a time, and Mia decided to give eyelash extensions a try herself. She became enamored with the lash process and loved the experience and how beautiful it made her look and feel. The future lash entrepreneur returned to her home in Boston and began looking everywhere for a place that offered this service. She couldn’t find a single eyelash extension boutique in Boston at the time. Although eyelash extensions had been in America since the early 2000s, the practice was an exclusive service used mainly by celebrities.

Mia decided to bring this beauty service to more prominence in the United States and that is when she conceived the idea of opening her own lash business. Opening her own business took many years of hard work and dedication. There were constant trips back and forth from America to Japan as she studied the meticulous craft of applying the eyelash extensions one by one. She achieved her cosmetology and esthetician license and did facials and waxing as well.

Heartfelt Motivation

One of Mia’s first clients was a cancer survivor. Mia remembers delicately and carefully working on her client’s lashes. Chemotherapy often causes hair loss, including the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes, besides the hair on your head. After the eyelash application her client delighted in her healthy new look. She cried tears of joy upon seeing her new lashes. Mia was moved to tears as well. These emotional responses motivated her to continue, and she loved the joy eyelashes brought to other people.

There are a variety of products and services available at the Lashism salon including antibacterial lashes. Mia wanted to create a comfortable and clean atmosphere that upheld the eyelash extension standard set in Japan and Korea. When the pandemic hit our world, this chiefly motivated Mia to use the most hygienic products in the lash industry. In addition to using high-quality products, COVID safety protocols are strictly followed. All employees hold COVID-19 certifications and safety training for the Professional Beauty Industry.

Lashism offers services for full-set classic eyelash extensions, as well as refills cleaning and removal. They offer lash touch ups for clients coming back within 10 days of their extensions. All of their technicians are master-techs that will guide you through a style and design that works right for you.

Lashes for Everyone

Lashism offers many different types of lashes, including classic, hybrid and volume lashes. They use extra care to make sure the volume lashes do not weigh down the natural lash, as they are voluminous but not too heavy. Lashism’s eyelash extensions will make your eyes stand out and shine! They are great for all kinds of people, and they have many male clients who love the look of an open and youthful eye. Lash extensions are great for proms, weddings and social events. Special care is given to older and immuno-compromised clientele.

The eyelash extensions will make your eyes stand out and shine. You will not need to apply mascara or worry about gluing on false lashes yourself. I, for one, have screamed at the mirror many times as I tried gluing on lashes at home myself. One eye always turns out perfect, and the other one, well, not so much. A more permanent stress-free solution seems like an excellent way to feel glamorous. Eyelash extensions give independence to working adults. No need to waste time removing all your mascara or fighting with your false lashes at home.

Lashism offers a free consultation for new clients. Waxing services are available for eyelash clients, and they use high quality hard wax which works perfectly for sensitive skin.

For more information, and to schedule a booking please visit lashism.com or call/text the boutique at 954-866-3335.

Lashism: 3455 NE 12th Ter Unit 1 | Fort Lauderdale, FL


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