Search Continues For Suspect That Broke Into Calusa Coffee Roasters

The search continues for a suspect that broke into an Oakland Park business on March 15th. Calusa Coffee Roasters, located at 161 East Commercial Blvd, had experienced a break-in overnight and a couple of weeks later, the suspect is still at large.

Living in Oakland Park recently featured this local favorite because of its popularity and delicious coffee.


Essential Items Missing

This veteran-owned coffee shop has been a favorite in Oakland Park. Upon entering the business you are greeted with their friendly staff but also a delicious aroma of coffee that is sure to awaken your senses!

Living in Oakland Park reached out to the owners of Calusa Coffee Roasters to see how business is going since their break-in. Luis Arteaga, who discovered the break-in the following morning, first noticed something was amiss upon entering the shop. He noticed the roaster laptop was missing, which he uses to connect to their coffee roaster and helps them roast their roast. As he started to look for the laptop around the shop he noticed other items were missing which is when he called BSO.


Community Support

When asked how they are doing since the incident, Luis tells us that the community has surrounded his business with support. “We have some of the best customers, which I consider now family. When they found out what happened they donated cash, and someone donated a laptop so that I could get roasting again”, says Luis. And because of this support, his business was able to “go back to normal” in just a couple of days. Calusa opened back to normal business hours the following day after BSO finished their investigation on the property.

Undoubtedly their staff is upset and frustrated to be victimized especially during a time that is already hard on service industries. Many people are struggling and most are trying to make ends meet. “We were upset, angry that during times when things aren’t going the best someone thinks that stealing from people that spend time working earning money, they have the right to come in and take. This person is a coward”, he says.

Call Broward County Crime Stoppers if You Have Any Information!

The thief also tried breaking into neighboring businesses, if anyone has any information, they’re urged to contact call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $3,000 reward.

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