La Mexicana Taco Bar: More than Just Tacos!

Hidden in Wilton Manors, just outside of Oakland Park, at the Wilton Yard at 2430 NE 13th Ave is a little gem, known as La Mexicana Taco Bar Pronounced La Meh-hee-ka-naIt this little gem is much more than a simple taco bar. It offers a unique dining experience with quality food, a picturesque ambiance and music.  On their website they describes themselves as restaurant  “…providing quality Mexican fare in a beautiful bohemian environment leaving you wanting to come back for more”! The quaint restaurant is known for their dining atmosphere along with the array of Mexican flavors their menu offers their guests.

From La Frutera to La Mexicana

La Mexicana opened their doors just 5 years ago at this unique location. Initially known as La Frutera, where they offered a variety of fruit juices, it later developed into the concept that embodies the Mexican culture and flavors, while still offering the fresh fruit juices too!

Owner Diva Name was inspired by food and art and used this inspiration when scouting for a location for her business. Diva is of Colombian descent but was so enamored with the healthy variety of food options that comes with Mexican cuisine that she opted for this concept when transitioning the business name from La Frutera to La Mexicana. When asked, why she initially chose this location for her place of business, her answer was plain and simple, “Nature and Art is a part of our location and [our location] offers many outdoor seating options.” 

A Colorful Palette to Brighten Your Day (and Your Instagram)

If you have not been to this area of Wilton, it’s a must-see! And feel free to bring your furry friends too since their outdoor seating allows them to be very pet friendly. There are many pockets of Instagram-worthy shots and La Mexicana with its colorful palette will brighten your day as well as satiate your appetites.

They’re known for their taco dishes and Mexican ceviche. And let’s not forget the Colombian coffee too! Another interesting point for the restaurant is that they offer live entertainment every day, along with happy hour specials.

Plans of Expansion

La Mexicana also offer catering and private space for your gatherings. No matter the occasion La Mexicana Taco Bar owner Diva Name promises “an amazing Latin experience”.

She also shared with us that they hope to expand their business and open another location soon, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for that latest development. Diva also tells us that while running the restaurant is hard work, none of this would be possible without the help of her amazing and valued crew.

Amuse Your Senses!

If you are looking for a great place to eat and enjoy a unique ambiance and great music, consider La Mexicana. All your senses are sure to be amused at this gem in the heart of the Wilton Yard where there are more than just tacos to enjoy! 

La Mexicana Taco Bar: 2430 NE 13th Ave in Wilton Manors |

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